Day 34 – Supporting Local Business

Anyone living on a narrowboat during lockdown will appreciate it’s a bit more of a challenge than ‘normal’ to get groceries. That is unless you happen to be moored close to a supermarket, or have secured a rare online delivery slot! Walking to our local Morrison or ALDI from Nantwich embankment is about one mile. It’s fine on the outward trip if we’re moored on the embankment and haven’t had a two-plus mile walk already. Returning with a trolley, backpack and bags can be a strain on the old body!

So when I noticed an Off Licence (bottle/liquor store for the kiwis reading) offering local deliveries, I took a photo for future reference. It’s not all about alcohol; mixers like tonic or soda are heavy to carry. Yesterday afternoon I put in a telephone order for beer, wine and mixers. Admittedly it’s rather more costly than supermarket prices, but the advantages are less strain for us plus we’re supporting a local business.

Thank you RDW Wines in Nantwich, for delivering to us at Canal Bridge 95 on the Shropshire Union Canal. We’re all stocked up for red wine, beers, soda and tonic for a week or so, minus muscle strain. It just took time to sit and wait for the delivery – one thing we definitely have at the moment is time 🙂

Barry takes the boxes of alcohol and mixers on board Areandare this evening

Pooh Bear Would be Pleased!

The dandelion honey recipe was a massive success. I was amazed at how yummy it is. So was Barry. I suspect it could help with my grass pollen allergy which causes hay fever. It’s said if you consume honey made from local pollen it can help hay fever symptoms. Simply perfect.

100 dandelion heads made two jars of almost free honey. Awesome!

COVID-19 Symptom Tracker Webinar

Fantastic news today. There are 2,532,147 people contributing to this crucial COVID-19 research. I’ve found the sign-up link now for updates on their website, and received a notification about their next webinar happening on Thursday, April 23rd at 2 pm. If you want to be kept updated, go to the home page and scroll down right to the bottom (it’s not easy to find tbh!) …

All on board Areandare continue to be symptom free 🙂

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