Day 32 – Missing Essential Coffee Supplies

My name is Sandra and I’m a coffee addict. Only one a day admittedly. But I love to relish a really good coffee, using my long-serving stove-top from Briscoes in Gisborne.

When we came to the UK to live ‘indefinitely’ in 2013, I searched the supermarkets unsuccessfully to find a ground coffee I liked. Then, someone, I can’t recall who shared a discount code for PACT. I thought I’d give them a try. Nothing to lose. I was giving up hope. New Zealand is well known for being a coffee-drinking nation and there was never a problem there; England, on the other hand, is awash with tea-drinkers. I was hooked from the first order received from PACT and haven’t looked back.

Sourced Direct Even During COVID-19

One of the things that I love about PACT coffee is it’s sourced directly from the growers without the middle man. It may be a little more expensive, but it feels hopeful to know I’m helping small businesses – as well as drinking excellent coffee.

“Founded in 2012, Pact Coffee was created to change people’s minds about coffee. We think about it like wine, not flour – it’s a cupboard staple, but one that’s infinitely better if it’s been lovingly grown and expertly processed. We want the UK to realise that. Because everyone deserves a truly quality cup of coffee.”

Even in these turbulent and transformative times, it’s heartening to hear PACT are finding ways to continue to support growers in Honduras, Columbia, Guatamala, Kenya and Rwanda.

… many governments in coffee-sourcing countries are enforcing lockdown procedures already – because due to their infrastructure and rurality, the impact of coronavirus would be catastrophic.

Thankfully for farmers (and us), coffee exporting is one industry governments are keeping going – as it’s such a key part of their economy. The industry is being protected to support farmers, and we want to keep supporting them, too.”

COVID-19 and Coffee: thank you for helping us support farming communities 16th April 2020 PACT Blog

It’s a little more challenging for me to get my ‘drug’ supply, as we don’t have mail coming to the boat (obviously!). But I shall endeavour to find a way.

DIY Barry

Like most liveaboard narrowboaters, Barry’s enjoying the stillness to do lots of DIY. He invents something new each day I think! The bathroom (shower-room really!) is almost done. Three coats of paint on the far wall and the shower frame has brightened it up immensely. Now he’s working on something else for there – and needs to re-hang the towel rail, my mosaic and paua shell.

Peter, Peter Cabin-Fever

I think Kim may be suffering from a touch of cabin fever. This morning she challenged me to a daily task of finding ‘Peter Rabbit’ somewhere on board. He’s the rather adorable soft toy that came with the easter egg I gave her. Today’s task was easy-peasy, but it did make me giggle:

Peter peering out of the boatman’s cabin porthole

Experimenting With Foraging

I found a recipe for nettle and dandelion chips yesterday, that I thought I’d try. Here’s the recipe –

Dandelion leaves and flowers, and nettle leaves, soaking in salted water ready to bake with the Sunday roast laster …
Ready to bake …
Delicious 😋

We don’t really do ‘bored’, on board, even staying still. There’s always plenty of fun to be had in the simplest of ways …

COVID-19 Symptom Tracker Update

The COVID-19 Symptom Tracker App definitely allows you to add someone else as from today, with a few more questions added around how much you’ve isolated in the previous week. They update the information as required, in the light of new data, which is reassuring. They’ve logged 2,497,922 people this morning – almost at 2.5 million!

Please let friends and family know about the App and its importance if you live in the UK or USA, as well as reporting daily yourselves. Barry and I have both recorded no symptoms again today – hoorah 🙂

Point of note on foraging people: When picking anything from the wild, always pick responsibly. I only took what I needed for the recipe above, and not all from the same plant or area.

3 thoughts on “Day 32 – Missing Essential Coffee Supplies

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  2. Barry, we just returned from our fourth trip to NZ. We nearly emigrated there in the early 70’s but couldn’t quite get the application in the envelope. We were living in NY at the time and so were all our family and the thought of going so far, well, it was downright scary. As soon as my husband retired, we set off on our first trip. I feel like we know those islands almost as well as you. We went to the very top of NZ, the middle of geographic NZ (Nelson) and the very bottom. We drove thousands of kilometers, took trains, busses, boats, and planes and hiked. I have to say, from the first trip there to the last, there has been a noticeable difference. More and more tourists. More and more foreign owned businesses. Not a good thing in our book even though I know this small, island country needs the tourism and investment. I love your photography, and especially the NZ photos. Looking forward to your blogs. Kia Ora!

    Ron and Karin Maxim
    Nashville, Tennessee

    • Kia Ora Ron and Karin. Thank you for sharing your perspective of your experiences of New Zealand. I suspect with less tourism for a while there will be some changes afoot. We’ve not been back for over three years now due to Barry’s UK visa application process. Unlikely to be getting back in August now we suspect. But one day …

      One day I’ll get some of Barry’s images again to post. It’s a bit ‘same old same old’ at the moment. He was looking forward to our inaugural cruise, which is no more, to Liverpool docks next month.

      Meanwhile I’ll be blogging daily for the foreseeable future. It’s giving me a positive focus each day to think of the day’s theme …

      Keep safe and well over in Nashville Tennessee. 😉

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