Day 27 – The Battle of the Butterfly and Bilge

Living on a narrowboat has its challenges. Space is one. As in there isn’t very much! One needs to be inventive and accepting. Practising yoga for instance. It’s possible. Just that some postures aren’t as easy as others and some downright IMpossible!

I’m relishing my weekly Wednesday morning with Nischala. Stretching for a sun salutation is ‘interesting’. Kim has even less room in the boatman’s cabin, but she was able to squeeze herself into the ‘butterfly’ position this morning. I’d be more like a big moth looking far less graceful!!

The Battle of the Bilge

Meanwhile, Barry discovered rather a lot of water in our bilge this morning. Just when we need to conserve our water supply more than ‘normal’! Unfortunately, it seems there’s a problem with the water lever to our toilet (not that I’d known, but Barry assures me this is so), and a few days ago I freaked-out to see water pouring like a river from under our bathroom door. The lever had got itself ‘stuck’.

No idea how long it’d been like that, but I thought only a few minutes. The deluge was mopped up, the toilet bowl manually emptied (sounds yuck, but it really was just clean water, scooped up into a jug and emptied down the sink), the bedroom carpet was taken outside to dry. We hadn’t anticipated, once again (remember the previous sinking feeling post?), there was more than ‘surface’ damage.

Emptying the bilge once again …

Moving Onto Painting …

This afternoon Barry moved onto painting – the bathroom wall and shower surround, and the lounge window frames that needed a touch-up.

I realise it’s not in any way, politically or ethically, okay to want the lockdown to continue for many weeks. But I shamefully do! One because it seems to me that the UK acted far too late (when I say ‘the UK’, you know what I mean aye?), so our statistics are likely to be the worst in the western world. So better to just stick it out rather than keep spreading. But also, because we’re getting so many things sorted!

I had a ‘House Party’ with the girlfriends I went to Barbados with last night; not a short one either! It was fun. Normally we meet up physically once a year! I’m loving my ukelele lessons (I can’t say the rest of the boat are mind you!), and this evening we were ecstatic to see our first ducklings of 2020 saunter by:

Symptomless and Shopping

We all continue to be COVID-19 symptom free I’m thankful to report once again. I’m also extremely grateful to our bubble neighbours Julia and Plum who cruised to Nantwich and stocked up on essential using their car today. We’ve got a fresh supply of beer, wine and mixers, yahoo! Most essential of course. Oh, and some potatoes and fresh fish to cook fish n chips on the brazier tomorrow evening …

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