Day 26 – Thankful Our Basic Needs Are Met

Some may say my ‘fascination’ with death and dying is verging on the morbid. Weird maybe? I’ve frequently written about it over the years. Is it related to my nursing and midwifery experiences? Maybe. I’ve been exposed to death more than most of my family and friends. With all that’s happing around the world currently, I’m hazarding a guess this topic is becoming ‘hotter’?

I’ve been following Keith and Olivier who run ‘The Death Hangout’, since their inception. Keith and I used to be on a coaching group together and I love his style of seeing the world. The Death Hangout’s regular podcasts may be lengthy, at one hour per episode, but they’re always a worthwhile watch.

The Illusion of Safety

Their most recent Podcast, the “Illusion of Safety”, was published on YouTube on 10th April. I gave myself the gift of time to watch it this morning and heard some very pertinent points …

” …we talk with Lyla about her work with the Ernest Becker Foundation, how maybe our brain isn’t actually built to be able to deal with the knowledge of our own mortality, and how we can actually use our knowledge and self-awareness of our own death in ways that are adaptive, rather than maladaptive, in building a better life for all.”

Illusion of Safety – The Death Hangout

I often wonder if our blog resonates with people. Maybe some folks find it offensive when I talk about the choices Barry and I have made to get us to the place where we’re ‘happily living’ on the Inland Waterways of UK? Our life is far from perfect, but during this Coronavirus lockdown period, it’s incredibly idyllic in the British countryside. I guess my view is it’s not death I’m intrigued and fascinated by, it’s LIVING!

We don’t subscribe to the notion that we’ll go to a ‘better place’ after we die. We’re not taking a chance on that one. Our focus is on living the best life we can right now. Today. Simply. No need for material goods, a big house, a flash car, the latest gadget. We own our boat, we have no debts and little outgoings. Are we lucky? Partly yes, but also we’ve made wise choices over a long period that work for us?

Which Level Are You On?

The lovely Lyla Rothschild, interviewed in this most recent episode, attributes some of the differences in coping mechanisms to where people find themselves on ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs‘. A startling and thought-provoking point. If, when this all kicked off, you were barely managing to survive on the first rung, of having food, warmth, security and shelter, then this situation is far more likely to be increasing your struggles than those sitting smugly further up. Like us I guess? We’re not rich monetarily by western standards, but in having our needs met we’re wealthy beyond measure – right at the peak.

Where would you place yourself:

Source –

Can you even slightly comprehend what it would be like to be homeless, having to live on the streets, at the moment – or ever? Thank goodness for Crisis who are stepping up even more than usual. There may be a good few people who will find themselves in a similar situation soon which will be extremely humbling and very scary.

Watching Spring Develop ‘Live’

It truly is one of the blessings of living on a narrowboat, watching the emergence of spring. The vibrant fresh green on the trees and hedgerows nearby is stunning. Below you’ll find two views from our side hatch. The first one was snapped on 29th March; the second today, just over two weeks later. WOW!

How the world changes in such a short space of time …

A Continuing Boat Makeover

Barry’s continuing his boat makeover, busying himself every day with something! I can honestly say neither of us knows the meaning of the word ‘bored’. Not that we’re constantly ‘doing’, we’re perfectly fine ‘being’ too and sitting quietly. It’s just that generally because of mooring restrictions and travelling by boat or to the grandchildren, fitting in DIY is a challenge.

His current project is our bathroom. Which isn’t technically a bath-room sadly, more a compact-shower-and-toilet-and-sink room. His mission is to tart it up a bit – painting the far wall and shower surround an off-white colour. Stage two is sanding the wood. Stage one occurred a few days ago before the back cabin table making; getting everything off the walls and preparing himself mentally I think …

Prosperity Comes in Many Forms

We’re happy to report another day of ‘no symptoms’ to the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker, and hope you can say the same.

4 thoughts on “Day 26 – Thankful Our Basic Needs Are Met

  1. Another interesting blog, thank you. Looking at Maslows hierarchy of need I’d be close to the top ( but not smug ) very aware of the luck and hard work that enabled me to be in that position. Also very aware of those below, thats what imho makes me human ? One interesting thought – the ‘Belongingness and love needs – intimate relationships, friends’ is the middle of the hierarchy and again imho the gateway to progression of the upper levels and in being so is the focus. Far far too many relationships fail due to not being right in the first place, couples chasing the dream and when the hard relationship work arrives ( kids jobs etc , just living ) they fail as it’s easier to do so. Then the impacts on friendships by social media and technology, in my case its been enhanced – I have more friends now than ever mainly by forums and groups that meet online and then in person (Motorbikes and boating being two) however there is an ability to easily fall out as the written word carries none of the body language or voice inflections face to face contact delivers. So shoot for the middle of the hierarchy and get that right and with luck and hard work the rest follows….. if that is what you want . Take care

    • An awesome personal perspective! Thank you for sharing that Nev. As you say there’s definitely luck and hard work required to reach the peak of the triangle. I’m very aware of people who’s circumstances beyond their control keep them in the lower levels. And yes, the written word can be helpful or hurtful depending on how it’s perceived and by whom. Keep mindful, safe and well 😉

  2. I read your blog with interest while missing my old life of living on a boat. I found it amusing that you stress how a life without many of the possessions a lot of people strive for is fulfilling then see that the two ads at the bottom of the page are for ‘How to Become Rich’

    • Hi Stephanie. Oh that is amusing! They must’ve picked up the words ‘rich’ and ‘wealthy’ and taken them in the only context they know how! Hilarious! I’d raid the Ads off but we started them about three years ago and gave yet to even get to the minimum pay out of US$100! I think we’re on $65 – once we reach that heady height they’ll be removed. Not really been any source of money making 😂

      I often imagine how I’d feel if we were ‘forced’ by circumstances to live on land again. For now I’ll keep making the most of every day. Take care and thanks so much for stopping by to comment. It means a lot 🙏😉

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