Day 24 – A Birthday With Bollinger in Our Bubble

What have we got on board we can gift to Dave for his birthday?” I said to Barry this morning. We only found out yesterday a member of our ‘mooring bubble’ would be celebrating a birth anniversary today. “I know!” I said. “A toilet roll! They’re pretty valuable currently.“. “And a Cadbury’s Creme Egg?” Said Barry. “Great plan …”

Barry remembered Dave recently mentioned he was lacking reading material, so we scoured our bookshelf for something suitable. Unsurprisingly nothing on my row looked likely, or was dispensable. Barry found a couple of Bill Bryson’s he thought he’d enjoy. One was the follow up to ‘Notes on a small island’ I haven’t read. Flicking through it, and laughing at his jocularity, I decided I’d actually like to read it. So that one was out. You can’t give it to someone on the proviso they return it after they’ve read it! The other one was ‘Notes From Down Under’; Barry decided that would be good seeing as Plum, also in our bubble, calls Barry ‘Crocodile Dundee’ joking he’s from Australia.. Then I looked inside the front cover and discovered my dad’s name. Written by my dad. I imagined him sat reading it when one of my daughters were travelling in Australia. Or during the time I lived in New Zealand. Sorry Dave. I can’t part with that one either!

A toilet roll and easter egg it was then! We were fine for a birth-day card – we’ve always got a choice available onboard – he chose one of his favourites – the seven wonders of the waterways. Julie baked him a chocolate cake with candles. A very special birthday I suspect, one he’ll remember for many years to come.

Happy birthday Dave! We hope you have many happy returns.

Give us this day our daily exercise …

Unlike last time I tried, today I found the path all round Hurleston Reservoir. Such a delightful day. The colours, smells, sounds were magnificent. Birds singing sweetly. A woodpecker pecking out of sight. A variety of ducks quacking – terns, grebes, some that look like black and white mallards (what are they? Must look them up in my bird book), and a couple of coots.

While life, for us, is so peaceful and calm, mindfulness is a joy. Walking and noticing my surroundings is so uplifting. Who’d have thought a common dandelion could look so splendiferous?!

Back to our coronavirus 2020 ‘bubble’

Barry meanwhile has been in his element inventing a new ‘desk’ for our back cabin/office. The pull-down table from the cupboard is too low. What a clever kiwi he is! Thanks to Plum for finding all sorts of odds and sods to assemble a terrific table.

Bollinger, Thankfulness and Ukelele Lessons

Kim brought a bottle of Bollinger with her, leftover from her birthday in early January. We decided to celebrate the sunshine and it’s Saturday this evening. Cheers Kim! So amazing to have you here. I can’t describe how different our current circumstances would be feeling if she was still in Nigeria. People may have witnessed a few skirmishes in supermarkets here in the UK. It’s unimaginable what the possibilities are for ex-pats in Lagos in the coming days and weeks …

I signed up to free ukulele lessons with ‘Fender Play‘ a few weeks ago, and decided it was well past time I started making the most of that! Sorry bubble, but at least it’s now in tune – one day soon I may even start to play something pleasant!! Though I can’t promise to be fair 😉

Barry paints the new ‘desk’ while I tune up my purple ukulele – a xmas present from my daughters over two years ago!

Happy Holiday

Happy holiday Saturday readers! I hope you’ve found ways to enjoy the warmth outside today. This evening we’re going to cook chips on the fire – well not exactly ON the fire, but in a cast iron pot on the fire! With sausages, cooked on the boat. To top it all, we’ve got marshmallows to toast. Awesome! I’m feeling incredibly lucky to be alive today.

I’m thankful to record once again, we’ve both reported no symptoms to the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker.

I hope the sun’s been shining where you are, in more ways than one. Kia kaha. Stay strong. We shall come through this together, and embrace the transformations that will eventuate.

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