Day 23 – Feeling Quiet and Reflective

How are you doing out there? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be up and down – depending on what ‘news’ you’ve allowed yourself to be exposed to. I’ve been mostly quiet and reflective, reading about what the likely symptoms of COVID-19 are, what you can expect if you’re ‘at home’ with the virus, and when to call the doctor, etc. Sobering and scary! I’m still really wanting to avoid it thank-you if at all possible. We’re sitting still, for a long time yet and are in no rush to ‘return to normal’.

It’s been a glorious day. A Bank Holiday here. Not that it makes much difference to us! However, I haven’t ‘worked’ at all. I’ve sorted my winter clothes from the wardrobe and replaced them with summer clothes from under the bed. A sure sign that this warm weather we’re experiencing won’t last long! Kim’s been out for a run this afternoon, after working every single day since she joined us from Nigeria. No rest for teachers in international schools it seems!

Exercising with Brock the dog in our bubble …

Home Brew News

I’ve edited the home page and about us page on this site, and removed The Home Brew Boat page. Not that we’re uninterested in the business of course, nor do we want you to lose interest in it, but it’s now in the capable hands of Tim and Tracey. Please continue to support them and join their Facebook page . Now’s a fantastic time to be brewing your own alcohol! And Tracey’s adding all sorts of other amazing things you can make yourself. Keep an eye on the website and FB page …

No Symptoms

Thankfully, once again, it’s a ‘no symptoms to report’ day to the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker app. The inspiring research team appeared in a Guardian article yesterday, along with a wide-range of other universities – ‘Symptom-trackers and doctor dorms: how universities are fighting Covid-19‘.

As of this morning, there were 2,233,930 people contributing. Almost half way to the 5 million!

I’d love to hear how you’re doing and ‘being’ in your bubble out there? I hope you’ve been able to ‘chill’ a little in the sun. Stay at home. Stay safe. Stay well. We’ve got a lot more time in lockdown yet …

5 thoughts on “Day 23 – Feeling Quiet and Reflective

  1. We have a ‘long weekend’ here too 🙂 … just relaxing in the lovely sunshine, and thankfully the hordes of holidaymakers who usually turn up here (about half of our street are ‘holiday houses’) have, so far, stayed at home.

    • Awesome! There’s plenty to be thankful for during this strange time isn’t there? Enjoy the peace while it lasts.
      Loved your Kindle book btw, finished it today. I found it fascinating and full of insights. Thank you for sharing your story 😉

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