Day 22 – A Mindful Meander To Morrisons

After sharing a bit about living in a narrowboat during the Coronavirus lockdown yesterday, today we made our allowed ‘essential journey’. For water, a pump-out of our toilet tank, and Easter eggs! First thing, or even before that, I was blessed once again to witness the moon setting and the start of the sun rising …

Yeah okay, the latter isn’t theoretically ‘essential’. But as we were going to be in Nantwich anyway, I chose to use my daily exercise allowance walking to Morrisons to ensure we had enough supplies for a couple of weeks. Easter eggs found themselves on the list. Thank you, Morrisons! For a great ‘buy one get one free’ offer, and the friendly young lady on the checkout informed me that you’re treating your staff well – and even gave them all a free Easter egg.

Morrisons Nantwich 8th March 2020
Forming an orderly queue in the sunshine – thank goodness for pleasant weather!

Spring Bursting Into Life

Barry dropped me off just before the winding hole, the closest point to the town. I took the opportunity to chat with my eldest daughter, Lisa, as I walked along. During and after that conversation, I noticed so many changes! An abundance of new life springing into bloom. The first bluebells I’ve seen this year, and magnolias in blossom. Spectacular. A swan silently, and I hope safely, nesting in the park.

Nesting swan April 2020

There was an occasional car. Quite a few walkers – every one of which said hello with a smile, and an acknowledgement of keeping the social distancing. I’m surprisingly impressed that the majority of people I see are respecting the current challenges and following the rules.

I was impressed by how many businesses are finding creative ways to keep going; with many using their windows to acknowledge the heroes helping to keep the country afloat.

Black Lion Nantwich April 2020

And Back to Hurleston

It took a longer time than usual to fill up with water, with lots of boats having a similar idea we think. When I returned to Areandare Barry had sorted the pump-out, but was waiting for the water supply. There’s only one tap at Nantwich Marina. Ah well, there’s no rush really. Nowhere to go except back where we started earlier in the day!

Back ‘home’ again …

Looks like we’ve got many more weeks of this to ‘look forward’ to. Hats off to Jacinda Ardern, once again, for being the most inspiring, brave, courageous, decisive, inclusive, intelligent – oh so many words to describe her. None of them feel like they’re enough. Barry’s home country, and my adopted country, didn’t go for ‘containment’ of the COVID-19 virus. They headed straight to elimination. CNN news are asking what they can learn from this ‘little island in the pacific’. Oh my goodness. So much. So very much.

I’ll leave you with an image of Barry, who looked like he was working for the New Zealand Embassy from the canal-side here near Hurleston Junction this evening …

Oh yes! Thankfully once again we’ve reported no symptoms to the COVID-19 Symptom Tracker. 2,233,930 contributing as of this morning. Watching a video from an Intensive Care Unit this evening was scary as hell – I will do all in my power to prevent myself or anyone close to me from ending their days in such a place, and such a time 🙁

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