Day 16 – Be A Citizen Scientist For COVID-19

I may be lagging behind, and you’ve probably already heard this. But I want to share here, just in case …

Each day I’m reminding anyone reading to the end of my posts, to download and check-in daily to the COVID-19 Symptom Checker. You may get tired of this. It may feel tedious. However, my recommendation is you get yourself a cup of tea (or something stronger!), and watch the webinar of 30th March from the research team. It’s sharing fascinating information about how crucial this research is, what they’ve discovered so far, and how many more people are needed to make the trial statistically significant.


  • A new symptom is emerging called ‘Anosmia‘. Great word! It’s Greek apparently, and it means a lack of taste and smell. “The first results from our COVID-19 symptom tracking app show that losing your sense of smell or taste is a stronger predictor of coronavirus infection than fever.”
  • They set up this research in a few days. It would normally have taken 3-4 months. Because it’s critical we get the information NOW.
  • So far 2million people across UK have signed up and are checking in daily. They need 5 million. So please, sign up. Report daily. Encourage your family and friends to do so too. If you’ve got elderly relatives they’re working on a way you can check in for them.
  • We need to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and if you can’t get them, frozen or tinned veg and fruit will suffice. The levels of immunity we have will help us all.
  • Don’t think taking supplements is a good idea! I quote “There’s more people dying because of taking vitamin supplements than are ever saved by them. The body is not used to taking that amount of chemicals. It’s used to small steady amounts.”
  • Vitamin C – get it from your food!
  • Eat a balanced diet. And get fresh air and exercise each day.
  • They don’t have enough people in the north east of England or Cornwall. Anyone reading from there, or know anyone there, please give them a heads up 😉
  • The USA version launched on 30th March.
  • Still smoking? Read this:

There’s much more information in the webinar, and on the website, which is updated regularly. They promise a weekly webinar to share the latest information. I for one will be watching it. If we can gather the data we can overcome this crisis – together. One day at a time. But we MUST work collectively.

To Mask or Not To Mask. That Is The Question …

I started watching documentary number 2 of the top 100 documentaries that could save the world last night. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s another amazing one. This time from 2013. The year Barry and I came back to UK for ‘the foreseeable future’ to live on a narrowboat and aim to make life sustainable. Of course to get his UK visa too! Many people, family and friends, we’re aware thought (and possibly still think!) we were mad to take such a risk. To sell up and have no bricks and mortar (or wood in the case of a NZ house!). Just our narrowboat. And no ‘proper’ job. But we didn’t want to wait. We’d worked hard for 35 years each. And we wanted to experience a different way of living.

This new documentary is called ‘The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness.‘ I’ll discuss more about it in a day or two – because I didn’t finish it again! My brain gets full after a while, and stops absorbing.

Anyway, I want to share a quote from what I’ve watched so far, because it’s pertinent to the above headline.

People are “…constantly being programmed.” And “… the Megalomania military industrial complex is owned by the media who manipulate public opinion.”

What have you seen/hear/read about wearing masks to prevent transmission of Coronavirus? It was reported widely (I know because I have a client who sells anti-pollution masks so I try and keep up with ‘information’ around it) that the only time it would be helpful was if YOU had the virus. To stop YOU from spreading it. It seems this was being put out there to stop people buying masks, so they could be used by … who knows. I hope the Health Service. But I’m not actually convinced.

The Guardian published an article yesterday. The image on the header is incredible, showing a woman wearing a mask touching her face! For goodness sake!

Basically anything that covers your mouth and nose can reduce the transmission of the virus, if you have it. And you may not know you have it for many days. So it’s NOT just for people who have tested positive. BUT, and it’s a big but, you need to wear it properly and take it off properly. Don’t touch the front. That’s where the virus will sit happily. Use gloves to remove it. Then wash it in lots of soapy water. Or surgical spirit – especially if you have a mask that contains washable filters (wash the filters in surgical spirit if you have any). Dry and re-use.

At least that’s what I believe is correct … Correct me below if you believe differently?

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Be A Citizen Scientist For COVID-19

  1. Still only had one case in Gisborne East Coast NZ and he was American now out of hospital and recovered. Great that with road blocks we can actually stop people coming into the region without proper reason – like overseas holiday makers some of whom are STILL roaming around enjoying their holiday! It will be very costly indeed after a warning if they continue. And surfers who though called in from the beach by the police continued to surf for another hour – I suppose cause they knew this time it would be the last wave caught for a while!! Into the hands of the law…. But mostly people are doing the right thing and with only 4 deaths and our numbers of new cases declining we are hopeful! Good luck to you both.

    • Kia Ora Jan. Awesome to hear from you about how ‘home’ is doing. Yeah we’ve both said what a fantastic place Gisborne would be in lockdown! Easy to keep ‘intruders’ out!

      I’m aghast that there’s still holiday makers touring around! Selfish idiots! And surfers … no words 😶

      You kiwis are so incredibly fortunate to have such a brave, bold and decisive leader. I hope you keep her for a long time. The rest of the world wishes she was their PM.

      Barry and I haven’t lost hope we’ll be on the booked flights on 16th August to Gissy. Though we realise it’s a very faint hope …

      Kia kaha. Enjoy my paradise for me 😉

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