Day 15 – Hoping For A Brighter Future

On day six of my daily blogs during our coronavirus isolation, I posted a link to the Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change The World. So far I’ve only watched one. Over a few days, because it was 143 minutes long. I suspect it was also due to it being quite disturbing; although I’ve sensed a lot of the information contained in it, I hadn’t actually witnessed the ‘evidence’ for the greed and corruption in so many ‘big businesses’. It’s called ‘The Corporation’ (2003). I dare you to check it out if you’ve never watched it – So many things that are morally and ethically wrong. Goodness, I’m really holding onto the hope that the future will be an improvement on this crazy past 🙁

This evening I’m going to watch documentary number two – ‘The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness’. It’s a little shorter at 109 minutes, so I may absorb it all in one go …

A Company Dear To My Heart Closing

I saw recently a post, on Facebook, that The Hemp Trading Company (THTC) was announcing its closure. Not a complete close thank goodness, but a change in direction. THTC was founded in 1999 by three friends of my eldest daughter and son-in-law, who all went to Hull University. It’s a highly ethical company, paying a living wage to the people who make their garments. Completely opposite to the companies in the documentary. They had hoped people would shun big corporations selling cheap clothes made by people in sweat shops being paid a pittance (see The Corporation for the facts on this. I doubt there’s been any change since it was made. Apart from an increasing number of similar abhorrences). Sadly, due to Coronavirus, Gav Lawson has decided he can’t continue. Read his story, and what he’ll be focussing on now, in this blog.

“Naturally we thought that when people became aware of the vast and positive impact of hemp for the planet, industry, governments and the media would use their collective powers to encourage its growth and to promote and use it wherever they could.”

Gav Lawson THTC

A Quiet Day On Board

There’s not much else to report about life on board Areandare. I’m still plodding away doing the best I can for the clients I have with Ad-Extra. However it’s definitely not laborious, and I can stop and start as I choose; I’ve not had any scheduled meetings today so it’s been very chilled.

Barry had a walk around Hurleston Reservoir and captured the image below. Yay! we have a photo from Barry at last 🙂

Hurleston Reservoir April 2020
Hurleston Reservoir 2nd April 2020

We’ve both checked into the COVID-19 Symptom Checker as being ‘well’ this morning. We hope you can say the same.

One day at a time …

8 thoughts on “Day 15 – Hoping For A Brighter Future

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  2. Hi Sandra, good to see that you are managing the Covid 19 lock down with style. Say hi to Barry, we meet him in Chester in 2017 while we were exploring the Canal system for 6 months and we had the most fabulous time seeing the country and meeting people in such a positive way. We are in self isolation which is up tonight after returning from Egypt not long before the borders were closed. Already looking at another trip on the canals in 2021 if it is possible. We would really like to explore the Northern canals and finish up coming down the Grand Union into London to finish. At the moment in the lap of the gods but it is still enjoyable looking. I would like to echo your comments about Jacinda Adern – a truly admirable person. Looking forward to being able to go to do my own shopping. Luckily we had a good friend who made sure we were well supplied. When this is over hope that we have re evaluated our priorities and human values take priority over economic. Like you we got rid of the tele when we cruising and life is much better with out all the doom and gloom. Anyway all the best and stay well. Regards Tony Druce

    • Kia Ora Tony. Thanks so much for getting in touch here. I’ll give Barry your regards. He’s outside painting making the most of the dry weather and stillness. Lots of jobs getting done atm!

      We did the northern canals in 2009, and grand union to London 2010. Those travels are on our first blog. If it’s helpful check them out?

      I’m hopeful there will be flights again. Though I’m also hoping there will be far fewer, if any, ‘cheap’ packages. Mother Earth needs a rest bless her.

      Jacinda has always had the priorities right. Long before all this. Maybe there will be a new brand of leaders echoing her values? Oh I so so so hope so!!!! Far too many of the other sort for my liking!

      Yay for getting rid of the tv! There was a superb quote on the documentary last night about the megalomaniacs who own the media manipulating public opinion. People are allowing themselves to be ‘conditioned’ unwittingly. Scary stuff!

      Hope I get to meet you one day on the canals. Stay safe and well 🙏

  3. A Barry photo!!! 😀 … Watching those kinds of documentaries is very challenging to so many preconceived notions, but it’s information every human being needs to make themselves aware of … as Nev says there will be all the usual suspects who will want to go back to’ they way things were’ but hopefully enough of us will search for new ways to tread lightly on this beautiful world.

    • I know! I tasked him to get me a few for a short writing commission for Waterways World over the weekend. So I sneaked one in here 😂

      I guess I’ve known on a deeper level the corruption. I just haven’t brought myself to come so face-to-face with it before. It’s like a sort of “I told you so!” But you don’t want to be unkind. Yet really, there’s been so much unkindness and lack of compassion for humanity for so long by too many it’s time we all woke up. I’m encouraged by the joining together while apart mentality that it appears is happening. Let’s keep hoping and being the change we want to see.

      Hugs to Canada 🇨🇦 x

  4. Hi Sandra and Barry, glad you are getting on with life and thanks for the continued reminders about reporting via the App. We as a family had the discussion about after these challenging times and what we may or should do to learn from it. One thing is for certain we have to change behaviours or this is a lost lesson for individuals and for the world. I can imagine many just want it to be back to as it was before … but there has to be a percentage of the world who demands and demonstrates change…. I’ll be blogging about my thoughts and promises on this and how we need to make a personal pledge to change. Take care and keep smiling.

    • Hi Nev. It’s good to hear you’re all doing well. Yes that’s the thing isn’t it? Many people just want it all to go away. But as the saying goes “if you keep on doing what you’ve always done you’ll keep on getting what you’ve always got …” and Mother Nature will keep poking us with her very big stick! I’m hopeful that there will be a big enough percentage for change to tip us in a better direction.

      I love the idea of encouraging people to make a personal pledge. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

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