Day 14 – Thriving Through Transformative Times

Transformation. I’ve heard lots of descriptive words recently regarding the challenges we’re all facing. ‘Unprecendented’ of course is a popular one! This morning the more positive and hopeful ‘transformation’ was gently mentioned during my first online, Zoom, gentle heart yoga session with a beautiful soul called Nischala. I was fortunate to spend a day in her Yurt with my younger daughter and a group of women, many years ago. As we find new ways of living and working, a collective of people in the ‘Heart of Living Yoga Foundation’ are offering regular yoga and meditation sessions.

If you’ve never tried yoga or mediation, I highly recommend you consider it. It’s something that could really help you to live through this transformative time – today, tomorrow and for the foreseeable future. This morning’s 8am session was delicious. Almost as sublime as on the ‘Ocean Garden’ in Barbados, at Turtle Beach, three weeks ago now. Oh my, how the world has changed since then!

It was so relaxing, and I felt such a sense of peace and positivity; it took me a while to get my brain cranked up into ‘work-mode’ for my 11am Skype call with the boss! My intention is to make this a weekly practice from hereon in. I adore yoga, but I also want to seek out and support small businesses such as this one, to help them thrive during the changes. What they offer is what we all need more of imho.

The Home Brew Boat Transformation

Talking of transformations, there will be some among you wondering what’s going on with The Home Brew Boat during this period? You’ll know it was put up for sale some weeks ago. Our reasons were many-fold. Mostly because we planned to return to New Zealand in August, as Barry will be of ‘pensionable’ age in December. Whether that will still happen or not is anyone’s guess …

Well …

We had a number of people interested as soon as we ‘put it out there’. But there was only one couple who wanted the whole business, and were so keen they drove up to see Barry to chat with him at length about home brewing and the business. They’re people we know, like, and trust, who’ve done their homework, are passionate about home brewing too, and Barry is confident his baby business will be in exceedingly capable hands.

On Tuesday 17th March, the day after I returned from Barbados, they drove up to us again to collect all the stock. The following week we went into lockdown – so there’s no way Barry would’ve kept up with any orders. What perfect timing for us all.

Oh my goodness, it feels like a new boat to me! We’ve got our Boatman’s Cabin back. It’s no longer a store room I merely pass through to get to the stern. More on that to come …

Here’s a message from the new owners:

The Home Brew Boat is in dry dock! Please welcome the new business owners, Tracey and Tim, who are passionate about Home Brew beer, wine and spirits and a myriad of home crafted food and drink. They will continue stocking all The Home Brew Boat favourites, as well as adding new stock lines in the near future. Keep watching…

Tracey and Tim

We’re currently in a period of transition, while Barry and Tracey work closely together to ensure orders continue in and out. It’s obviously a tricky time, and they’re not certain from one-day-to-the-next if stock will be available or delivered. However, since the government announced on 25th March that ‘Off-Licences’ were to be added to the list of ‘essential services’, it’s looking hopeful things will continue to work well.

As Tracey & Tim say, keep watching! Announcements will be made on The Home Brew Boat Facebook page. If you haven’t ‘liked’ it yet, head there now and stay up-to-date with developments. Get in touch with Tracey and Tim there to give them your support 😉 Good luck to you both.

Cheers to Barry!

I’d also like to give Barry a hearty CHEERS! on behalf of all his customers, and anyone who’s had the pleasure of chatting to him about home brewing. His wealth of knowledge and love of the subject is incredibly impressive and inspiring. From setting up the Ezimade shop in Gisborne in November 2011 (sadly now closed), and supplying hundreds of people on the East Coast of the North Island with Home Brewing and more, equipment. His intention from that beginning was always to start a business on the boat, and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been a fantastic one. Many people who hadn’t been convinced of the benefits of brewing your own, discovered the positives and joys of this. Whilst others are suddenly realising what a brilliant thing it could be. Get in while the supplies are there I say.

One day at a time folks. Even for your Home Brew supplies!

6 thoughts on “Day 14 – Thriving Through Transformative Times

    • 😂😂 we did think that, but actually no. It just blew smoke up at the captain when he was driving! Better to have the storage space …

  1. Wow! What a difference in the back cabin! I remember the piles of stock and never saw it in its intended state. We look forward to visiting again as soon as is possible and seeing the ‘new’ Areandare. Hope you both are well and managing in these challenging times. x

    • I know! I asked Barry to take ‘before’ shots but sadly he forgot 🥺

      Will be good to catch up again and see your new whare one day …

      We’re both very well and actually enjoying sitting still and catching up tbh! We feel a little guilty I think for living how we do and being okay with all this. So far anyway! Kia kaha. Must be tough for you both not being with your mokopuna? Big hugs 🤗

  2. Hi both, sad in a way you’ve sold up, really enjoyed tracking you down to pick up supplies. Not that we could be doing that now. Hope when all this dies down we can track you down to say hello. Best wishes. Jim Warren. 😊😊

    • Hi Jim. Barry is sad too. But the time had come and it worked out so well with all that’s occurring! So he’s feeling thankful I think more than sad. Or trying to!

      Please do track us down when tracking down is allowed again …

      And one day it will be with the two of you in YOUR boat I hope. Keep safe and well. Xx

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