Day Twelve – Essential Services Without Movement

Today we were very lucky to have the Fuel Boat Halsall on this route to provide us with many of our essential services – our heroes once again. Thank you so much Lee and Roberta for emptying our loo, filling our diesel, and providing us with coal for the fire. We kept our distances, and they cleverly took payment by Barry reading the card details out to them.

Grateful To Still Be Working

Another thing I’m grateful for at the moment is my work with Ad-Extra – it hasn’t actually slowed down any yet, though I’m imagining it may do soon. Only a couple of my clients have paused their accounts for a while, one new account, and business as normal for the others in some shape or form – for now.

I haven’t even been out for my daily exercise today! Must do better tomorrow …

UK Government Alerts

I did squeeze in time to sign up to alerts when the UK government publishes or changes anything on ‘GOV.UK about: Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response‘. Mainly because we don’t have a TV, nor do we listen to the radio. Or read newspapers. And I really don’t wish to rely on Social Media for information!

So I thought maybe that would be a good way of keeping up to date without getting sucked into any false news? I’m not sure. Let me know how you’re keeping up to date in the comments below …

However, I was rather concerned that as soon as I’d put in my email address and name, and went to my email account to click the ‘acceptance’ button, I found a spam email pretending to be them with the COVID-19 headline as above, but saying I’d got a tax refund and to click the button. The email address was obviously NOT correct, and the real email had gone to my junk email box. Obviously I did NOT click the button! The legitimate email was in my junk email folder. Go figure that one! I’m therefore not sharing the link here, as I don’t want to increase the reach of spammers. That’s scary stuff 🙁

One Hundredth Birthday Drinks

Today would’ve been my Dad’s 100th birthday. He lived until he was 94 and 10 and a bit months. We’d planned as a family to meet up physically at Chateau Impney in Droitwich, to celebrate together. This had to be cancelled. So instead we ‘met’ virtually at 6pm, and raised a toast to an amazing husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather.

Dad steering our hire boat in April 2007, aged 87 – he was in his element

No Symptoms

I’m happy to record once again we checked in today to the COVID-19 Symptom Checker with no symptoms. I hope you can report no symptoms too, if you live in UK or USA? At least I think there’s one happening in USA? Can anyone confirm?

4 thoughts on “Day Twelve – Essential Services Without Movement

  1. In Australia, although the PM has his say for the whole country, a lot of the details of what you are allowed to do and not do is State based. The Premier of Tasmania has a press conference every morning, which is broadcast on the ABC radio live, and then the Health Minister talks about the new cases. As we are madly working on our renovation and painting at the moment, we are able to have a radio going in the room, and this I have found the best way to find the up to date info.

    • It seems you’re in a marvelous location for isolation and spending your time wisely. I hope your family continue to be safe and well xx

  2. Just by the few narrowboating blogs and YouTube channels I follow I know that the Halsall was a lifesaver for so many narrowboaters, before the pandemic, and now, like so many individuals and businesses they’ve found a way not to keep on going themselves, but the be the heroes you so rightly call them. I suspect many a pint will be bought and raised in their honour on the other side of this. 🙂

    • Totally. Halsall and all the other fuel boats. I shan’t try and name them all here in case I miss any. It certainly makes it easier to not move when they can bring us essential supplies. We only need to move for food and water at some point in a week or so …

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