Day Nine – We’re All In This Together

I walked through Nantwich this afternoon. To buy some fresh fruit and vegetables. It was the first time I’d left the confines of the boat or local towpath since last Tuesday, 17th March. It was so eerie! There were still a few cars, and people. But what struck me most, from the way people kept their distance to the queue to get into Morrisons, was how stoic people were being. Smiling. Saying hello. Apart from one grumpy, but probably fearful, man in the queue when one of the Morrisons staff politely asked him to keep his distance from the woman in front. I very much had a feeling of “We’re all in this together.” Quite marvellous if truth be told, despite the sense of living in a movie.

The sign at the bottom of the path to the towpath – I think a few people may be taking notice of it!

Back on the boat, sitting on the embankment, with a view of blue sky and tree-tops, an occasional boat cruising past or walker passing by, it feels like just another day. If I don’t dissect what’s going on and what may be to come too much, I can remain cool, calm and collected. It’s what I taught myself to do when flying to and from New Zealand – many times! Otherwise I’d panic if I allowed my mind to dramatise how bizarre it was to be cocooned in a metal cylinder, thousands of miles in the air, for 12 hour stretches. If that happened, the adrenaline would course through my veins, making me feel nauseated. So I didn’t. I looked upon in as part of the journey. Saw the joys of that time rather than the ‘”what ifs“. I told myself I had time to read books. To sit still. To watch movies. To sleep. To drink (water of course, and a bit of wine!). To generally be mindful and in the moment, rather than ‘catastrophising’. To enjoy and accept a lack of control over the outcome but that the chances were all would be well.

I suspect that’s what I’m currently doing …

Are You Feeling A Form of Grief or Loss?

I’m not I don’t think. Maybe it’s because of the life we’re living, and have been for seven years? Apart from not being able to cruise, and holiday plans being disrupted, my ‘job’ hasn’t been affected too much, and I already work from home? Is it because I’ve been saying over, and over, and over, to so many people to STOP doing so much, always accumulating so much, and making work the main focus of their lives? I’m not sure.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m dipping in and out of feeling fearful of what the outcome is going to be, for myself and our family in UK and NZ, and our friends. Thankfully for now, no-one we know has been affected by the Coronavirus. If they were, I guess things could change.

A really informative and insightful article was recently published in The Harvard Business Review. That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief. Obviously it’s about the current COVID-19 challenges.

If we can name it, perhaps we can manage it.”

The author turned to the man who worked alongside Elizabeth Kubler Ross to co-write ‘On Death and Dying’, David Kessler, and who obtained her agreement to add a sixth stage of grieving. Have a read of the article (there’s a link above). It may help you understand, accept and vocalise your feelings as we navigate these uncharted and uncertain waters together.

He wrote a follow-up book ‘Finding meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief’. I’ve ordered a Kindle version of ‘the new book. I found ‘On Death and Dying’ transformational when I read it in 2013 as I prepared for myself for my dad’s death. I have no doubt I’ll find many insights from the new book too:

(note the above is an affiliate link)

Daily Check-In

Have you downloaded the App I talked about yesterday? Here’s the link again in case you didn’t:

It’s really easy to use – but don’t be put off if you can’t log in. Try again. There’s a glitch so if you have a space after your email or password you can’t get to the next stage. It puzzled me, then today Barry said he wasn’t able to log-in. That was all the problem was.

Today I reported being well, with no symptoms. Took me about ten seconds.

A reader commented on yesterdays post that NASA have reported a significant decrease in global air pollution. I’d post a link but I’ve yet to find one. However I shall. Because this is important stuff! Yes absolutely this is a horrific time for many people and places. But there are and will be positives I have no doubt.

Keep smiling everyone. Watch out for each other. Be safe. Flatten the curve.

It’s going to be a long journey so ‘Change your thoughts, change your life’ as Wayne Dyer said. Listen to this video from 2013. I found it helpful …

Right now it makes little difference who you are, how much money you have, or how ‘famous‘ you may be. Practice humility, kindness and compassion. We can control how we react. and we can individually and collectively do all we can to limit the spread of this virus.

“Storms Always Pass

Lao Tzu

12 thoughts on “Day Nine – We’re All In This Together

  1. Hi Sandra, Alison and Andrew Smith from Mind Like Water here. She’s moored half a mile from you although we’re locked down in the house in North Wales.. Andrew is trying to put together the latest magazine for the local IWA – currently mostly a list of cancellations – and wondered if we could use your photo of the CRT signage at Nantwich towpath. The Police don’t agree it’s essential travel for us!

  2. Behind You!
    We’ve pulled in behind you. Will try to say hello when we go shopping or when we move on afterwards. Breakfast and a catch up with family first.

    • Missed you sorry! Barry knocked. We’ve just cruised past. Need water. And heading out of town. Too much foot traffic here! Stay safe we’ll meet again 👋😉

      • We were out stocking up on supplies. Think you were at the water point when we got back. Depending on how far you venture out of town, we might still see you. We plan on heading to near Hurleston to moor.

  3. Hi Sandra Is there any space on the embankment? We’ll be heading there in the morning and trying to time it before a video link up with family. We moved half way today and the number of moored boats has doubled in a week.
    Good to hear they are spacing shoppers at Morrisons, even so I’m not looking forward to a shopping trip.
    We’ll bip the horn as we come by.

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