Day Seven – Such A Sense Of Stillness

It’s quite surreal isn’t it? This sense of stillness, and soothing sort of calm, that’s descended on the world? Here on the embankment in Nantwich we can look over the towpath, a few roads, paths and the Canal Centre. There’s hardly a soul in sight. An occasional car, van or lorry. Fewer people walking past – it’s unlikely they’ve been informed of the message last night from CRT asking them to stop using the towpaths which says:

At this unprecedented time, our priority is to support the national effort to keep people safe.

 Whilst our towpaths remain open, use of them should now be limited

Avoid any stretches with boats moored:

  • Against the towpath
  • No fishing until further notice
  • Strictly observe social distancing at all times
  • Follow the latest advice from the Government. For the latest information please visit our website:
  • For information on coronavirus, visit

I reserve my right to continue my ‘allowed daily exercise‘ on the towpath here on the embankment at Nantwich thank you very much!

Shropshire Union Canal Nantwich

We’re aware New Zealand commenced their lockdown today, Wednesday. The live Facebook and Twitter feed on their sensational Prime Minister Jacinda Adern are outstanding. Also their Health Minister. Together they’ve undertaken informative, joint, live press conferences. They’re entirely transparent and honest about what they’re doing, what they know and don’t know, and what actions they’re taking. I have no doubt she’ll go down in history as one of the most inspirational leaders ever not just because she’s female. Because she’s incredible and unique, of course, she too is married to a Gisborne man! So we’re sort of family. Oh, I wish we had a Jacinda in the UK …

A Shout Out For Yays and Nays

I want to use this space to highlight organisation/corporations that are being helpful and kind during this historic period.

Yays: Tesco who emailed today to say they’re paying any of their staff who can’t work full wages for 12 weeks. They’re going out of their way to support vulnerable people. I know others are too, but the wages thing struck me as particularly impressive.

To all NHS workers and caring professionals. I take my hat off to you, feeling thankful I’m not in the health service anymore to be perfectly honest! What a strain on them when they’ve been so pared to the bone already. And now retired professionals are being ‘coerced’ to go back. Goodness, what a balls-up! Also all food suppliers and supermarkets. What would we do without them? I hope they’re rewarded when things calm down.

Obviously the Police service. The Armed Forces. Delivery drivers. CRT (bit biased I know!). Ad-Extra and my amazing boss. He’s always looking for the positives in any situation, and is one of the most authentic and approachable people I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with. Thank you Dom.

Feel welcome to add anyone I’ve missed out in the comments below …

Additions after initial posting: Farmers. Up all hours of the day and night to provide us with food.

Nays: A massive NAY for Weatherspoons. Tim what’s-his-name (definitely not giving him a proper ‘plug’!). When this is over, my suggestion is avoid any of his chains like the plague. Boycott them. Literally give this jerk a wider than eternity berth. You all know why.

Virgin. Don’t book anything related to this person either. Similar reason to the above …

Caring For Your Mental Health (added 25/06/2020)

Since originally posting this blog, I’ve been approached by ‘rehab4addiction’ and asked to post a link to a very valuable article published on 1st June 2020. It’s a discussion about ways of guarding your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I’m confident it could be helpful to many readers out there. This challenge isn’t going away anytime soon!

Don’t forget that there are plenty of apps for you to download to help keep you in touch with loved ones, and there is a multitude of online self-help resources, guided meditations, home workouts, podcasts, and online articles.

For more information about support during the coronavirus for mental health problems, visit this website.

Take a look – you may know someone who would find this information helpful 😉

A Guide For Consumers & Small Business (added 01/09/2020)

Andy Kearns, a member of the Consumer Education team at LendEDU, contacted us at the end of August. LendEDU published a guide in March 2020, intending to help consumers and small businesses determine the financial steps to take while riding out the coronavirus pandemic. He believes the information it provides could be a useful addition to this post. I took a look, and it’s most comprehensive. Albeit geared towards readers in the USA, but the information may be helpful to others.

Click on this link for the full guide:

Since the coronavirus has destabilized the economy and had impacts on workers across the globe, we hope this guide helps consumers and small businesses take control of their finances, and better prepare them financially.”

Andy Kearns – LendEU

I hope this proves helpful to even one person reading 😉

Awesome Reader’s Comments

Thank you so much to all the readers who responded to my request yesterday. Anyone who would like to share where they are too, please do – there’s lots of time, no rush.

These are some of the things people are doing and being during this ‘insert a pause’ time:

  •  Stocked up at the hardware with items to continue our extension and renovations, so I will be doing a lot of painting in the next few weeks, and the never-ending gardening. A couple of trips planned for the year have now been cancelled, so our house will be finished sooner rather than later.
  • I’m loving the time to ‘be’ and have been enjoying exploring t’internet for inspiration. Today I started a pilates routine via youtube, and am intending to try and learn some BSL during this time too. I, too, like to feel useful and find that’s tricky during this time so today I made a prayer tree, hanging paper hearts and stars with the names of contacts and friends working in the health service that I am committing to pray for. Each day I will take down all the names, pray for each person specifically, then rehang them. I love having the time to do this.
  • I’m getting a bit of work done (I’m a theatre designer), a day of model making today which was just the ticket. Then it’ll be jobs on the boat that I’ve been putting off for too long.
  • Making use of the time to get some jobs done (there are always jobs to do) I’m painting our summerhouse and garden shed blue with cream windows and edgings, I’m also knitting a Christmas jumper. We are staying in touch with family over skype, and face time and facebook for those in Australia. we’ll be having a virtual dinner party at some point with my brother and his wife, that could be interesting! plenty to do without turning the tv on.
  • I have realised a few things about myself during this enforced isolation. I like to be busy and useful. Today I have been interviewed on film by our daughter for her Reception class about what we played within the 1950s! I need to be outside, sunshine and a garden are such a bonus. I like not having to be somewhere at a set time. I do not like being dependant on others even though I am hugely grateful to my lovely neighbours. The internet and telephone are a godsend.
  • I’m catching up on my reading. I have a stack of books I need to read.
  • We haven’t had a TV since … let me think … since the mid-noughts. 🙂 … if there’s anything we want to watch, (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’ because I am a movie junkie 😀 ) we do it on my lovely very big computer screen via the internet.

Towpath Walking

I’ve had a brisk walk this afternoon, rather than a jog. I’m pacing myself! I noticed fewer people walking. They were mostly keeping their distance. I passed a Community officer. Saw a Police car driving around. Definitely a lot quieter and more subdued in these parts than the last ten days …

Shropshire Union Canal Nantwich March 2020
Shropshire Union Canal Nantwich

Sourdough Disaster!

Sadly the sourdough I baked yesterday is like a brick! With a thick and hard outer coating. I had to get Barry to carve me a slice to toast this morning!

So I’ve got got a couple of recipes to try from fellow boaters.

I’ll let you know how I get on! If they work I’ll share them …

Keep in touch everyone. Kia kaha.

4 thoughts on “Day Seven – Such A Sense Of Stillness

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  3. Hi Both,

    I wonder, do you consider the farmers worth adding to your list? Obviously they are not necessarily working harder. Except the sheep farmers during lambing time. Up all hours of the day and night. But then, it is their job I guess.


    • Absolutely! They are invaluable. We’ve been hearing the bleating of new lambs a lot today. I guess the stillness is allowing more of nature to be heard. I shall add an ‘amendment’ section to the post for this and any further suggestions. Thank you David x

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