Day Six Let Lockdown Commence Nationally Now

About time is what I say! Aboard Areandare we’ve been ‘locked-down’ since I returned from Barbados on 16th March, crossing appendages that this pesky virus doesn’t find it’s way here to attach itself to any of our alveoli. It’s long been a fear of mine, the “not being able to breathe” thing. So when I read about the symptoms of Coronavirus I have to admit I freaked a little. I’m ashamed (yep, ashamed, for a number of reasons) to admit I smoked for over 30 years, finally stopping (as Alan Carr said, there’s nothing to ‘give up’!) in April 2004 when I started the process of gaining a New Zealand ‘Work To Residence’ permit. Best thing I ever did. Stopping smoking and emigrating to NZ of course! However I’m well aware my lungs are permanently damaged – the slightest whiff of tobacco smoke or those dreadful E-things and I cough and splutter.

Anyways, we’re doing the best we can with what we have and what we know to avoid getting it or passing it on. Let’s hope everyone else takes this seriously too so we can look forward to a ‘new world’ in a month or more …

More Valuable Than Money

What’s that then do I hear you ask?

It’s TIME! Time to sit. Time to reflect and reframe. Time to read those books on the bookshelf. Time to talk (we still have internet). Time to share and care. Time to bake – my sourdough hasn’t worked that well, but it’s early days! If anyone’s got any hints or tips please comment below. I followed a Jamie Oliver recipe. It’s a tad ‘heavy’ …

Time to get some fresh air and exercise (albeit ‘only’ once a day). Today I started gentle jogging.

Time to learn how to meditate. I dip in and out of meditation. I’d love to say I have ‘a daily practice’. But I’d be lying! I love to do a mindful meditative walk in nature. I find sitting with my eyes closed, breathing deeply, stilling my mind, very helpful. One of the best ways of learning this amazingly relaxing way-of-life is through Apps. A firm favourite of mine is Headspace. Check out the link, they’ve got some suggestions for navigating this period of time …

Avoid Mind-less TV

We consciously chose not to have a TV on board. In fact neither of us even know how to work the newfangled ones with a zillion channels and remote controls! Our grandsons think it’s hilarious. The last TV we had only had four channels. We do occasionally watch series or films on iPlayer, Netflix, or Amazon Prime (that reminds me, time to watch another episode of the new series of Outlander soon!).

I’m also going to start watching from one The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change the World. A friend in NZ posted the link to this. Looks like it could be a great way of ‘spending’ some time soon …

Boating Update

Unsurprisingly we had an update from Richard Parry, the Canal and River Trust Chief executive last night. CRT have been encouraging people to use the waterways as their place to wander in the fresh air and get some exercise. Not all boaters are so keen on this. They’ve been feeling a little like it could be risky for them to have an increased number of people nearby. Totally understandable!

We were right to move back to Nantwich yesterday afternoon, as it means we don’t need to do any more ‘non-essential’ travel by boat for a while. Here’s a snippet of Richard’s announcement.

Following the most recent announcement from the Prime Minister regarding the UK’s response to the coronavirus crisis, we are asking leisure boaters to stop all non-essential travel. As a result, and to help those who live-aboard (along with those who would need to travel to their boat in order to move it) we are suspending the requirement to move every 14 days. The suspension will be kept under review in line with revised government guidance, applying initially until 14 April.” – Richard Parry CRT CEO 2259hrs Monday 23rd March 2020

Who’s Out there?

I know we have readers all over the world. Well that’s what our stats through WordPress and Google Analytics tell me! We often get people passing by informing us they read the blog. Or that this blog, and other waterways related ones, inspired them to move onto the waterways to live or holiday.

What we don’t get are many comments. It would be so heartwarming at this time if you could comment. Below. Not via Facebook. Or Twitter. But here. Introduce yourself. Let us know where you are. Have we met? When and where? What’s going on in your part of the world right now? What opportunities (not problems thank-you) are you seeing from this ‘unprecedented’ time (I’m embracing this word, it so sums it up!)? What will you do to make the most of this enforced ‘down-time’?

Let’s thrive together as we do much more than ‘survive’ what feels like a movie set …

25 thoughts on “Day Six Let Lockdown Commence Nationally Now

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  2. Hi Sandra! I’m from Washington state in NW USA. I have never met you, but found your blog a couple of months ago while searching for other canal boating blogs, since I follow Cruising the Cut on YouTube. I love all things country and especially English country, so have been thoroughly enjoying Barry’s photography. Thanks for sharing your story and life with us abroad.

    I’ve been enjoying spending time with my son who is home from university and doing remote classes during this COVID-19 time. My dh and I have been getting a lot of spring yardwork done and in times I enjoy crocheting. We live out in the middle of apple orchards, so have plenty of space to get out and walk in the sunshine without running into anyone.

    Take care and stay healthy!

    • Hi 👋 Angie. How very nice to ‘meet’ you. Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to comment. It means a lot to hear from readers, especially those we’ve never met or chatted to previously.
      I shall encourage Barry to start posting more of his photography. He’s slipped off recently. I think the last ones I got from him were our French Alps trio in January. All you’re getting at the moment is my iPhone 8 attempts sadly!

      Your home and surroundings sound blissful. Enjoy the solitude and orchards.
      Do stop by here again sometime. Let us know how things are there.
      Hugs 🤗

      • I tried to reply, but something went wrong. Hopefully this will go through. Any photos are wonderful to have different scenery to look at besides orchards and sagebrush! Thanks for sharing Great Britain and its waterways with us! Tiny homes have been a fascination for me over the past 10-15 years, so canal boat life does too, since it includes travel which I really enjoy! Have a great weekend!

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  4. Hi Sandra, we have never met, but emailed a few times. I discovered your blog via the blog of “Waiouru” which I have followed since nearly the beginning. Since then, I follow all canal boat blogs I find with a NZ or Aus connection, since I grew up in NZ and have now lived in Australia for many years. We visited the UK in 2018, and you posted me a canal boat calendar via our son in Manchester. On 5th March he moved back to London this time, with a working visa. It will be very hard for his partner, as of course, she was expecting to be able to get work when she arrived, but now must stay at home, and may not be able to get work for quite some time. We have lived on sailing boats, and a power catamaran at various times in our lives, travelling in Australia, the Pacific and SE Asia, and are now happily living on land in Tasmania, where we are luckily isolated from the worst of the virus with so far, no person to person spreading in the community, only from people coming into the state. We have stocked up at the hardware with items to continue our extension and renovations, so I will be doing a lot of painting in the next few weeks, and the never ending gardening. A couple of trips planned for the year have now been cancelled, so our house will be finished sooner rather than later. All the best, Catherine

    • Kia Ora Catherine. Oh my! That’s not the greatest timing for your son I imagine? Such a shame it took so long. Good that they finally got through the complex process though.

      My youngest daughter adored Tasmania when she travelled through lots of Australia in 2002. It sounds divine. Good luck with the renovations. Keep in touch. Kia kaha x

  5. We haven’t had a TV since … let me think … since the mid-noughts. 🙂 … if there’s anything we want to watch, (and by ‘we’ I mean ‘me’ because I am a movie junkie 😀 ) we do it on my lovely very big computer screen via the internet.

  6. Hey gorgeous! Couldn’t resist posting a comment. We met in 1991 when you were one of my mentors during midwifery training at Good Hope (think you were too Debbie Britton!). We reconnected after your return from NZ discovering via Facebook that we were both boaters and been firm friends ever since. I am loving the time to ‘be’ and have been enjoying exploring t’internet for inspiration. I started a pilates routine today via youtube and am intending to try and learn some BSL during this time too. I, too, like to feel useful and find that’s tricky during this time so today I made a prayer tree, hanging paper hearts and stars with the names of contacts and friends working in the health service that I am committing to pray for. Each day I will take down all the names, pray for each person specifically, then rehang them. I love having the time to do this. Much love to you both xxx

    • Hey Helen beautiful friend. Hoorah for mom resistance I say! Blimey. That’s almost 30 years ago 😲. I love how we re-connected and our commonalities that’s brought us close and has kept us so.

      I did a Pilates class in the Sunday morning in Barbados. Goodness it stretched me! My hips weren’t too happy with me for a few days. But I did enjoy it. Wow learning sign language. It’s one of the three national languages of NZ along with British and Maori. I’d love to learn some too. What a brilliant idea!

      And I adore your prayer tree. You know I’m not a ‘believer’ as such, but I absolutely ascribe to the possibility that sending energy and thoughts out to people can make a difference. You are amazing. I feel so grateful to have you and Andy in our close tribe. Kia kaha. Stay well. Huge hugs 🤗 xx

  7. Hi Sandra
    Pip from NB Oleanna here. We came past you a few days ago and will no doubt be passing a few times in the next few weeks as we head for shopping and water at the services. We are then likely to head out of town so our Tilly our cat can have her freedom whilst we don’t.
    I’ve known of your existence for a while but only occasionally drop by your blog, but seeing you the other day prompted me to look you up again.
    Enjoy your time. I’m getting a bit of work done (I’m a theatre designer), a day of model making today which was just the ticket. Then it’ll be jobs on the boat that I’ve been putting off for too long. I just hope we don’t get too many people on the towpath to interrupt me.
    Take care, we’ll wave as we pass.

    • Hey 👋 Pip! Awesome! Please do peep and wave as you pass. I’m usually sat inside on the laptop Google Ad-ing. Barry’s in his element getting things sorted on the boat.
      Theatre design sounds like a very cool job.
      I believe another message had recently gone out from CRT to suggest people keep a distance from moored boats? Good job too! Tough for them I guess to keep a balance. But it’s important we all stay safe. The waterways will be here after all this has passed. We need to keep the boaters as safe as possible.
      I’ll look out for you. Take care 🐈 😉

  8. High Sandra & Barry, Jenny and I have been following your travels for years. Jenny writes our own blog “Romany Rambler” but you probably know all this. We will be in full lock down for 4 weeks from midnight tonite here in NZ. We are being told to now live in our little bubble, not go out unless for exercise or essentials and keep social distancing. No unessary travel at all.
    Stay safe and stay well and we will be able to continue our lives of boating or camping in the near future. This is just another adventure on the journey of life. It will become a foot note in history that we can say we were part of.

    • Hi Robin (and Jenny)
      I’m familiar with Romany Rambler though have to admit I don’t read many blogs. Maybe the coming weeks will provide more time to familiarise myself with fellow bloggers.
      We’ve seen Jacinda’s live-streams. You have an incredible PM there. I think she will go down in history as one of best leaders of all time. Be very proud. Few countries can say that! Especially here …

      I hope kiwis heed the mandate. We want to come back soon! It’s been too long.
      Indeed. What an adventure this is and will be. That’s a splendid way of seeing it. Kia kaha. X

  9. Hello Sandra (and Barry) I saw you and said hello very briefly at Crick boat in the Midland Chandlers tent show some years ago, you won’t remember me I’m sure, We have a boat but have ruled out boating for the foreseeable future. We are safe at home and are making use of the time to get some jobs done (there are always jobs to do) I’m painting our summerhouse and garden shed blue with cream windows and edgings, I’m also knitting a Christmas jumper. We are staying in touch with family over skype, and face time and facebook for those in Australia. we’ll be having a virtual dinner party at some point with my brother and his wife, that could be interesting! plenty to do without turning the tv on. take care. Caroline

    • Hello Caroline! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. You’re right I don’t remember I’m sorry 😐 it was a crazy couple of days I recall.
      Sounds like you’ve got lots to focus on and enjoy. Hope you find time to just ‘be’ as well as ‘do’?

      I adore the virtual dinner party 🥳 thought! Awesome 👏. Let me know how it goes 😉

      Keep well. Maybe one day we’ll meet again. X

      • Don’t know where don’t know when 🙂 yes I have time to just ‘be’ coffee breaks out in the garden and watching the thousands of tadpoles we have in our small wildlife pond are great, so was the spot of gardening when I found out we still have a hedgehog sleeping during the day under our makeshift winter shelter we hastily made when putting the garden to sleep for the winter, I’ll let you know how the dinner part goes. Caroline

  10. Debbie Britton. Midwifery colleagues at Good Hope!

    I have realised a few things about myself during this enforced isolation.

    I like to be busy and useful. Today I have been interviewed on film by our daughter for her Reception class about what we played with in the 1950s!

    I need to be outside, sunshine and a garden are such a bonus.

    I like not being have to be somewhere at a set time.

    I do not like being dependant on others even though I am hugely grateful to my lovely neighbours.

    The internet and telephone are a godsend.

    Love reading your blog, thank you! x

    • Hi Debbie. I love the interview concept! How fabulous! I’m really hopeful that one of the amazing v things to transpire from this will be a drastic change to the education system. Children will be able to be kids again for a while. Parents can parent without all the rules and regulations and never ending homework! Hoorah I say.

      Being busy is such a habit aye? Have you meditated? I’m challenging you to try it if you haven’t and in a couple of weeks let me know what it’s shown you.

      Oh yes I have to say if the internet went down I’d definitely struggle …
      Kia kaha xx

  11. Hi Sandra and Barry,

    It’s good to read about your way of life. Unfortunately now I can’t enjoy boating, I have a house as you know and thus must stay here. I’m catching up on my reading. I have a stack of books I need to read.

    David Crowe

    • Hello David! Lovely to hear from you. Keep well and enjoy your enforces reading time. Maybe some Facetime sessions with family too? We’re hoping to connect with Barry’s family in Australia and NZ somehow at the weekend … Kia kaha xx

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