Day Five Re-Tracing Our Steps Just In Case

It really is take-it-one-day-at-a-time stuff isn’t it? For years people have asked Barry and I what our long-term plans are. Especially when we ‘retire’ (will we ever?!). We always answer, to people’s puzzlement, “We have no idea where we’ll be (as in which hemisphere) or what we’ll be doing“. Because we seriously believe and embrace that life can change in an instant.

The current crisis is certainly challenging. It’s sadly looking likely we won’t be getting back to New Zealand in August, to catch up with family and friends there. We have tickets to arrive two days before Barry’s son Tom’s 30th birthday. For now though, we’re just taking life and the unfolding news one day at a time – which is all any of us can do.

Our pre-planned Scottish road trip with my younger sister and brother-in-law is obviously cancelled, and the weekend my sisters and partners had arranged to commemorate what would’ve been dad’s 100th birthday on 30th March is no more.

But, it matters not …

For now, we and all our family and friends that we know of, are safe and healthy. That’s what is most important and valuable. Long may it last. We’re pretty confident they’re all heading the advice from WHO, and we’re collectively keeping in close contact through WhatsApp.

The Sun Continues To Shine

There’s been some gorgeous sunrises in UK recently, some I’ve seen from the porthole on my way to the toilet. I generally turn my phone off at night-time, so don’t want to wake myself up too much turning it on to take a photo!

This morning though, my phone was on. And I woke up as the sun rose on the horizon and snapped it.

Divine. Despite the dreadfulness of what’s happening (though I do firmly believe lots of positive things are also occurring and will continue to do so), the sun continues to rise.

Sunrise from a canal boat

Mother Nature is breathing huge sighs of relief. Her temperature and cough is improving daily 😉

Remote Working Successes

Today I’ve had a long client call, which actually turned out to be rather positive! We both looked outside the box to see how we could continue to work within the confines of the current situation.

Since then there’s been the ‘lock-down’ announcement, so things may change …

BUT, I’ve also been on a live Facebook call talking about being proactive, being of service, being creative, being strategic, and basically looking for the opportunities that ARE here or will be.

Please everyone. Stay safe. Follow the latest guidance. Which includes:

From this evening people must stay at home except for shopping for basic necessities, daily exercise, any medical need and travelling to and from essential work. 

Shops selling non-essential goods will also be shut and gatherings in public of more than two people who do not live together prohibited.

But don’t despair. Look for the lessons and the opportunities. It’ll be harder for some than others. But what can you do differently now? What have you always wanted to do but not had the time? Research it. Support small businesses online if you can (I mean SMALL!).

I suspect CRT will inform us tomorrow to stay put. Thankfully we foresaw this and moved back to Nantwich this afternoon, near facilities for when we need them.

Kia kaha everyone. Be strong. We WILL get through this.

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    • Awesome. Don’t worry my intention is to post daily for the duration I think it’ll helps me too. Keep reading and commenting. Let’s share anything and everything that helps us all to work through this fascinating time in history. The sun is always shining … take care

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