Day Four – Sunny Spring Cleaning

What a glorious day it’s been! I haven’t even thought much about the ‘C’ crisis. The sun’s shone. The birds have been singing loudly. People have been walking along the canal chatting away, seemingly without a care in the world. This afternoon I saw just one plane flying. A couple of weeks ago that wouldn’t have been something to look at in wonderment. Now it’s likely to be a rare occurrence.

What HAS struck Barry and I over the weekend, is the amount of traffic we’ve heard on the nearby main road. I thought the directive was ‘essential travel only’ from yesterday? Hmmmm, catching up on the news this evening apparently people have been acting as if everything is normal. Queuing up. Visiting The Lake District. The Yorkshire Dales. Cornwall. Devon. Going to second homes. There’s lots of images of a lack of comprehension of ‘social distancing’.

Snowdonia National Park Authority said its area “… experienced the busiest ever visitor day in living memory” on Saturday. It beggars belief! Is it a ‘head in the sand’ mentality maybe? Or ‘how dare they think they can tell me what I can and can’t do?’.

Admittedly last week I was sceptical. I wanted to enjoy being in Barbados and not get caught up in catastrophising. I thought, from the little I knew, that people were over-reacting.

Not any more.

Of course we’re fortunate to have made the choices we did, and be living on a narrowboat moored up in beautiful countryside. It can feel like a holiday every day.

Out With The Old …

There’s been lots of changes on board Areandare recently, with many more to come. Today’s main change, alongside spring cleaning the boat throughout, was a shiny new stainless steel chimney! Thanks to our amazing friend Plum, who got it for us. He’s one of the kindest and most generous people we know, and runs a boating business called ‘Solar Afloat‘, where we sourced our solar panels from last year.

Barry has been painting the pole and plank while it’s been dry and warm
Shiny new chimney!

Ways To Keep Life Going In The Midst Of The Challenges …

I’ve followed ‘Life Squared‘ for many years. Richard Docwra and his team publishes an abundance of inspirational literature that I resonate with.

The latest of course is targeted to the Coronavirus challenges we’re all facing.

If you find yourself struggling, have a read and let me know in the comments which points strike a chord most with you.

In the publication two trusted sources links appear, that I’m sharing too. There’s so much ‘false news’ out there, let’s all play our part and not spread any of that knowingly:

World Health Organisation –

NHS (UK) –

Keep safe everyone – and please keep your distance!

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