Day One – Off Grid Near Nantwich

In case you’re wondering yes I’m safely back on board Areandare after a magical and memorable holiday in Barbados. Wow! What a special place. And how fortunate do I feel to have had such a special time before the world changed?

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it … well not everything of course. I’ve been catching up with work (yay for online self employment!), Barry, and stocking up on essential supplies.

Tonight I’m starting the first daily blog of our ‘off grid’ time in the midst of the craziness. Having flown long haul on Sunday/Monday with a plane-load of cruise passengers (yikes!), and travelled by public transport back to the boat, its best we stay away from others as much as possible. Time to reflect and reframe.

We send love and positive energy to all our readers. Old and new. Keep safe. But keep perspective. And look for the lessons. There are always lessons. Positives too. Though it may not feel that way now or for a while.

Arohanui from Barry and I, feeling incredibly grateful we chose to live lives less ordinary.

9 thoughts on “Day One – Off Grid Near Nantwich

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      • Yes, noting will be as it was, will it? 🙁
        Unfortunately, like the whole world now, it’s a slow-motion slide into rising cases, rising death toll, rising, (‘official’ figures X 10, at least 🙁 ) government (finally) doing what it needed to be doing a month ago.
        The two of us are self-isolating as much as we can, and are well stocked, so from that perspective, not doing to bad. 🙂

        • It’s a fascinating albeit frightening time aye? I’ve been reading your book on my Kindle for a few weeks. Dipping in and out. Loving it! Maybe those are going to be the only journeys of the future … but hopefully not. Hugs 🤗

          • What a treat to know you’re reading my book! Put a smile on my dial, that did! 😀 …
            I think we’ll have physical journeys (as well as metaphysical ones, 🙂 ) … hopefully not the kind of instant 26-countries-in-four-hours-with-300-other-camera-wielding-others, variety though. 🙂

  2. So glad you’re back safely, well, hopefully – you don’t know anything about your fellow travellers. Look after yourselves and keep smiling…hope to catch up before too long. x

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