The Home Brew Boat Business Up For Sale!

Let’s be clear before revealing anything else – our much-loved boat Areandare is NOT for sale. Just the ‘STILL TRADING As …The Home Brew Boat‘ business …

It’s been a massive decision for Barry to let go of his pride and joy. He loves talking about anything to do with home brewing, especially on the ‘spiritual’ side (which is what his business has focused on for the last 18 months).

However, this year is going to see a lot of changes for us. We’ve been moving away from trading for a couple of years now, hardly booking any trading events. Just two festivals last year. Sandra stopped Facepainting in October 2017.

In August we’re temporarily heading back to New Zealand. Barry has only seen his daughter and son there briefly in April 2017, since leaving after his initial visa application in October 2013. It’s time we returned – to spend time with them and also other family members and friends.

In December this year Barry becomes eligible for his State Pension – another reason to return to the country of his birth and get that organised!

Get In Touch ASAP

So, if anyone is at all interested in taking this fascinating business forward, please get in touch as soon as possible.

It would probably suit someone who is already trading, to have as an extra sideline. Realistically we only want to recover the value of the stock we have on board.

The business comes with an excellent website (, which is where Barry has been getting most sales recently. There’s also a Google Analytics account to see detailed reports and statistics from the website (over 800 organic searches each month). Of course he’s willing to teach all he knows about the distillation process to whoever takes over – it’s extensive! Additionally there’s a Facebook Page (with 732 ‘likes’ and 742 ‘followers’ at the time of publishing) that the new owner could take over if they wish.

However the business won’t come with Barry’s range of Greeting Cards – though there may be room for negotiations to do this for a period of time.

Time Limited Offer

We’d like to sell the business by the end of March 2020. If not, we’ll start selling the stock left on board …

If you’re interested to discover more, or you know someone who may be, get in touch via our ‘contact us‘ page, or message using the Facebook page. 😉

We’ll Be Back!

Please don’t be alarmed that we’re disappearing for good come August 2020. After all, Barry recently gained his British citizenship so he can stay without restrictions. We will definitely be returning to the UK Inland Waterways to cruise aboard Areandare after re-connecting with loved ones in the southern hemisphere …

2 thoughts on “The Home Brew Boat Business Up For Sale!

  1. Good luck to you both – I hope you manage to find a buyer and have a great time catching up with everyone in New Zealand. I managed to purchase four of Barry’s wonderful cards from our Canal Society last week. Jennie

    • Cheers Jennie! Barry’s photography and Greeting Cards will still be available to buy via this website and other outlets 😉

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