Celebrating On The Winter Solstice

We’re celebrating this weekend. One reason can be shared by many. The other two are rather special for Barry and I.

~ In the northern hemisphere it’s the shortest day (usually it’s the 21st but I’m reliably informed this year it’s the 22nd). Hoorah for the turning of the sun and the promise of lighter days ahead.

~ Today is the tenth anniversary of our ‘official’ Wainui Beach wedding in 2009.

~ Most important, and long-awaited, is official news received yesterday that Barry’s application for British Citizenship has been approved. He’s just got to book a ceremony in Chester within 21 days when he will “… take an Oath or Affirmation of allegiance to the Crown and a Pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom.” I’m glad I don’t have to do that! Especially after the recent election debacle. I’m saying no more on that for now. Time to move forward.

Champagne for us tonight to celebrate the culmination of gin in my tonic’s journey to British Citizenship. Six years, around £11,000, and much blood sweat and tears but we reached the destination eventually …

One last positive was the arrival of Fuel Boat Halsall this morning. Many boaters, especially in the winter, rely on amazing boat businesses like Lee and Roberta’s to survive. We filled up with diesel, emptied our toilet tank, and topped up our coal supply. Thanks so much guys! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Time to open the champagne and toast our successes. Cheers everyone. Thanks for following our journeys 😉

14 thoughts on “Celebrating On The Winter Solstice

    • Thanks John. Hope you’re well? Certainly the end of a long journey but we’ve got plenty to blog about in future. Happy New Year to you too. X

    • Thank you Catherine. It was! Similar to the first two visa applications. Around six weeks all up. Awesome to not have to concern ourselves with that type of bureaucracy any more 🤩

  1. Brilliant news about Barry’s citizenship, what a weight off your minds. Have a great Christmas and we look forward to catching up in the new year. x

    • It’s the culmination of much blood sweat and tears as you know! Thanks both. Have a fabulous whanau gathering in your new share 🥳

  2. Fabulous news about the citizenship, Barry! Great perseverance, young man!
    Re the oath swearing – when I became an NZ citizen back in the early 2000s (yes, I’m a pom by birth) I had to swear allegiance to the Queen. And by the way, I’d find it easier swearing allegiance to her than to BJ …
    Happy anniversary and best wishes for a wonderful relaxed festive season – rather than the mad helter skelter of your past few December/January periods.
    Cheers, Marilyn

  3. Congratulations.We will toast your anniversary, and Barry’s last hoop to jump through with a small port – no champers left on FL. Have a great Christmas.

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