From Middlewich to Marple

Our next festival was at Bugsworth Basin so from Middlewich it was back up the Trent and Mersey to join the Macclesfield Canal at Kidsgrove then up to Marple.

Lock 62, Pavilion Lock on the Trent and Mersey at Malkins Bank.

Approaching Lock 56, Pierpoints Bottom Lock …

… with Mow Cop on the hill in the backgound

Thurlston Top Lock at Rode Heath and the lovely canalside cottages.

Looking through the bridge to the moorings opposite the Broughton Arms pub at Rode Heath.

Good Cheshire dairy country on the Macclesfield Canal

Sunset from our mooring near Little Morton Hall

That’ll be the edge of the Peak District in the background near the bottom of the Bosley Lock Flight

The Bottom Lock

Lots of activity on the flight

We used our National Trust cards for a full visit of Lyme House. On our last visit in 2009 we weren’t members and so only saw the gardens.

These were taken before the horrendous floods came through the park

A very grand old pile!

Fascinating history of the estate dating back to 1346

Great looking party house!

Amazing gardens and all very well kept … until the floods

The view across to Manchester, there seem to be more tall buildings than there used to be.

While we were there they had a film crew working on a World War II movie ’World on Fire’ for the BBC. Not sure if anyone famous here??

Approaching Marple Wharf through the amazing ‘Snake Bridges’

Arguably one of my favourite bridges on the whole system!

With Benjamin Outram’s house through the bridge hole at the junction

Left down the Marple Flight or right to The Peak Forest Canal

Sunset above the top lock (Jim you might recognize this one!)

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