Barry’s Images from Stoke-on-Trent to Norbury way back in April

Two of the few remaining bottle kilns at Stoke on Trent beside the Caldon Canal

A little late, but some of Barry’s images from our travels earlier in the year from Stoke-on-Trent to where our first trading festival was at Norbury Junction.

Crossing the Middlewich Branch

Rural Shropshire Union countryside from Nantwich

Boaters heading down the Adderley Flight

The Shropshire Union Canal is all about deep cuttings, huge embankments, high bridges and closely grouped lock flights …

… and lots of wildlife!

Permanent moorers at High Offley
You’re a long way for civilization and public transport

High Bridge No 39, with its central telegraph pole on the approach to Norbury. You wouldn’t know anything about it from the road above.

From our mooring at Norbury Junction

Scenes around the busy Norbury Wharf and boatyard

Bright and colourful

Trading at the Norbury Canal festival along with Heidi & Jakki on The Pirate Boat and several other traders.

Remote mooring in a cutting near Gnosall

7 thoughts on “Barry’s Images from Stoke-on-Trent to Norbury way back in April

  1. We have friends – my best man and his wife – who live in Gnosall and a few weeks ago we visited them and walked along the canal to Norbury Junction so these photos are very meaningful to us. He was telling us how high the embankment is along the stretch to Gnosall, which isn’t evident from the canal.

    • Hi John, how you getting on? Good to hear from you and pleased you like the snaps! I’m working on another posting soon.

    • Hi Jim, hope you and Hillary are both well. It’s an interesting place being in the middle of nowhere with no public transport. We had to go on the boat to Gnosall to catch a bus to Stafford. Amazing how many people turned up for the festival, though I’m not sure where they all came from!

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