Foxes on Board Before Bugsworth Family Fun Day

I returned to Barry on Areandare Sunday 23rd June just a couple of hours before Tony and Kerry Fox, who I’d been to Europe with, joined us.

Tony and Kerry also spent time with us in July 2013, just before Barry had to return to New Zealand to apply for the initial round of his Spousal Sponsored Visa. So we were connected at the beginning and culmination of his interesting (!) journey.

As luck would have it, we’ve been travelling in a similar area as their previous visit – but Barry (as usual) managed to make their experience fascinating and eventful. Kerry used to work with Barry when he owned a photography studio in Gisborne, and she continues to work as a professional photographer. She loved seeing new sights on the Macclesfield and Peak Forest Canals, both on and away from the towpath. Sadly I don’t have any of her or Barry’s images for the blog, you’ll have to do with the few I took …

Lyme Park – bit of a long and tiring trek from the canal, especially on one of those rare British warm summer days (!), but well worth a visit
Lyme House
Lyme House

It’s a very small space to share with another couple for a week – but we do love having friends on board. If anyone’s staying for longer than a night, we’ll generally give them our fixed double bed and bedroom, as it means they can keep their belongings in one place and have a degree of privacy. Besides which the bed that’s converted from our dining area is quite comfortable – it’s like camping out!

New Mills Torrs Riverside Walk

We discovered this stunning area, nestled secretly below the town of New Mills, a couple of years ago. Tony and Kerry were suitably impressed too …

Here the Rivers Sett and Goyt come together, their power was harnessed for over 200 years by mills. Discover mill ruins, weirs, cobbled tracks and archways of bridges towering dramatically overhead.”

Thank goodness there were a few warm sunny days during their stay, it’s certainly not been the greatest summer weather-wise this year!

Farewell For Now

We bade a fond farewell to the Foxes on Sunday 30th June, as they hopped on a bus ar Whaley Bridge to take them directly to Manchester airpot and on to Hong Kong for a couple of days before returning to Gisborne.

Bugsworth Basin Family Fun Day 2019

Having decided to step off the boating festivals merry-go-round even more this year, Bugsworth Basin Family Fun Day 2019 will be only our second and also final one of 2019. We chose this one due to its idyllic spot, and of course is in the locality of our cruising area near my older daughter.

We previously traded here in March 2016, when gales blew fiercely across the site causing havoc. Trading wasn’t great, but the day and the atmosphere was fantastic. Hopefully this year will be calmer weather-wise and much busier footfall-wise!

Floating Traders all in position this afternoon …

All the trade boats have snuggled into their cosy mooring spots, and are preparing for a fabulous day of customers tomorrow.

We’ve got these terrific traders to share the festival with:

I’m not sure how they’re going to organise the amazing range of events planned, in such a compact space, over one day, but it sounds like it’s going to be entertaining! Fingers crossed the clouds part and allow the sun to reveal itself. None of that wet stuff please!

  • Fun dog show with wash and groom for all first placed
  • Have a go dog agility course
  • Stall holders
  • Dry stone walling demonstration and have a go
  • Water rescue dog demonstration
  • Remote control model boats
  • Trading boats
  • Food vans
  • Beer trailer
  • Kids ball pool
  • Steam engine
  • Police dogs
  • Face painting
  • Live band
  • High Peak radio broadcasting from event
  • Ponies to pet
  • Boat trips
  • Fun wrestling display

We’ll let you know how it goes next week. If you’re anywhere close by, we’d love to see you 🙂

4 thoughts on “Foxes on Board Before Bugsworth Family Fun Day

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  2. Let us know which way you’re going, we’re back in Derbyshire after a week in Cornwall and we have a bit of flexibility in our schedule so hope to catch up.

    • No planned route Phil. But other things going on. Email and let’s see if we can make a plan 😉

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