Day Fifteen – Living In Interesting Times and Good News to Report

We’ve noticed a prolific amount of posters titled “May You Live In Interesting Times”, but not really investigated what they were promoting. Until that is, we decided to wander along the waterway after our buffet breakfast, and found a garden filled with spectacular sculptures. Wow! Again!

Just before walking, we went up in the lift of the Hotel Gabrielli to check out the rooftop bar. Wow! Seriously I need another word for wow!! Crikey? Blimey? Omg? Suggestions gratefully received …

We wandered some more, found greenery and backstreets for cafes and culture. Tuesday must be the day to wash sheets. Stunning colours in the laundry, houses and flowers.

Stopping for a bite of lunch, I’d beat Tony and Kerry to it and already had a toasted sandwich. To make up for the shame of eating such an ‘English’ thing, at the next place I treated myself to a Venetian Bellini and Panne Cotta! Yum. Kerry captured my bliss perfectly …

This afternoon we found the stop for the number 2 bus to the Isla San Giorgio Maggiore. We discovered more amazing art work in the breathtaking Catholic Church, paid to ascend the tower and be mesmerised by the 360 degree views, then gaze at a gorgeous glass wall structure. A big day again. My ‘heart’ monitor on the phone says I walked over 13,000 steps, over 9km.

Isn’t It Ironic, Don’t You Think?

Like rain on your wedding day, a free ride, when you’ve already paid. The good advice, that you just didn’t take (that’s us on late January!). Or getting an email to say Barry’s ‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’ has been granted – on the final day of the exceptional European holiday he’s completely missed (apart from token photos, videos and FaceTimes).

I’m a little suspicious – maybe paranoid – that it’s come today. Maybe I’m being ridiculous. Who knows. I guess we never will. But if you’re reading this anyone from the Home Office, 21 weeks for a final visa application to come through isn’t a well structured process as far as I’m concerned. That’s being very polite …

Regardless, it’s brilliant news. Fantastic. Awesome. Wonderful. Fabulous.

I’d been starting to worry they were going to turn Barrys application down for some obscure reason.

Hooray! At last!!

Kerry, Tony and I celebrated with a bottle of Prosecco this evening at dinner.

Finally Kerry and I visited the rooftop bar for her final night-time shots of this unique waterway here in Venice.

It’s a crazy place. Boats and people everywhere. Delights around every corner. If you stayed for a month you’d still only scratch the surface.

Thank you Europe. You’ve been life-changing in many ways.

I’ve had a blast returning to relish your delights at last. In the not too distant future I’ll be bringing my husband to share your ambience also.

Cheers readers! Thank you all for your support on our adventures, most especially this culmination period of the past six years.

As I end, a blood red moon rose on the horizon. Kerry captured it ecstatically.

Magical Venice. Thank you. 🇮🇹💜

14 thoughts on “Day Fifteen – Living In Interesting Times and Good News to Report

  1. Hallelujah! Great news at last. Such a relief for you and Barry. Hope to catch up soon – we are in Newbury till Monday, then Derby, then Cornwall and then flexible! x

    • It’s a tremendous relief. Keep in touch. We may get to catch up while you’re here. Hope the weather improves soon! 😉

  2. Oh that is wonderful news what a relief it must be for both of you ! Next time we bump into each other we will have to raise a glass to celebrate !!
    Liz and Andy

    • Totally awesome. Took their flipping time! Yes indeed. I think there’ll be lots of bubbles to be drunk in celebration 🍾

  3. Wonderful news at last Sandra; it is so obvious in your face how much it means to you. I bet Barry is out to celebrate too and you can have a double one back at home, which will make three in all at least! I am delighted for you both I will text Barry now.


    • It sure is. I think Barry had a Guinness on board last night. We’ll celebrate together tonight. Not sure exactly where Areandare is 😂

    • Thank you lovely lady. 😂. A huge one. Holy guacamole I like. No idea what the others mean apart from Batman 😝

      • A brief explanation follows. 🙂 …
        ‘Heavens to Murgatriod’ is what the Hanna Barbera cartoon character Snagglepuss used to say when surprised. 🙂
        ‘Emegherd’ is ‘Oh my god’ in Lolcat speak, which was an internet craze a few years back where amusing captions were put to cat photos. In fact an entire language evolved that imagined now Lolcats would speak. One of my favourites is ‘perngwns’ for ‘penguins’. It was a mish-mash of removing as many vowels as possible and using the remaining consonants as phonetically as possible. 🙂
        ‘Holy Gucamole Batman’ is my take from the 1960’s era Batman show when Robin would say things like, ‘Holy hole in the ground, Batman!’ when they came across a hole in the ground. I just liked how the words ‘gucamole’ and ‘holy’ sounded together. 😀

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