Day Thirteen – Crossing Four Countries in One Day

This whole trip has been amazing. Last week I crossed almost the breadth of France. Today we travelled from Colmar to Venice, via Basel and Milan. We began at 0921hrs, and ended at 2113hrs. What a journey!

The trains in Europe are comfortable though a little cramped when you’re sitting for hours. Out of the six trains I’ve used, only twice have I been asked to show a ticket. There haven’t been barriers at any station. Very different to England.

In Basel we had a couple of hours to walk around and watch the continuous stream of trams coming and going. We found a delightful church with a cafe inside, and enjoyed a coffee and croissant. I think I’m going to have a job weaning myself off the regular caffeine and cakes!

The scenery, especially through Switzerland and northern Italy, was spectacular. It’s made me want to return, with Barry, and do this again sometime. But slower. Staying at places en route for a few days, rather than just overnight.

In Milan Tony chose to stay with all the bags at a cafe/bar in the station, while Kerry and I wandered a short way outside and found a cosy Italian. A restaurant that is! Yum. I love Italian food.

It’s been a long and tiring day sitting on trains with a couple of hours between each stop. I’m really starting to look forward to being back on board Areandare with Barry for a few nights from Wednesday, before Kerry and Tony fly to England to stay with us for a week from next Sunday.

But first we’ll be seeing what we can amongst the heat and throngs of tourists in Venice for a couple of days. The city of canals. Fancy arriving on the eve of a full moon. The sight when you walk out of the railway station is like no other. Amazing. Another world …

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