Day Ten – Roses and Castle

It’s been another spectacular day here on Le Canal Du Marne Au Rhin.

This morning we cycled into Saverne to find the centre taken over by a bustling outdoor market selling all manner of things. We’d almost run out of milk so decided to treat ourselves to breakfast at a cafe. Following that, poor Tony, as the sole male, got to mooch around while us ladies ooh-ed and aah-ed at the French/Italian tops and dresses. We may have purchased an item or two …

Roses Are Red – And Orange, And Purple And …

After a spot of shopping for ourselves and a few gifts, we attempted to cycle to Le Jardin Botanique, thinking it was close to town. After about two kilometers and twenty minutes of ascent up a steep windy hill, I checked the Google Guru and found it was another few kilometers of the same. So we gave up. Not enough time or energy. And retreated to La Rosarie De Saverne.

Oh. My. Goodness! I’ve never seen so many remarkable roses. Almost every colour you can imagine. All sorts of shapes and sizes. The surrounding smell was sublime. On Sunday 16th June there’s a festival on here – I believe it’s an international rose competition that’s been held since 1923.

Leaving Saverne was a wrench. Friendly people, breathtaking architecture, remarkable roses and heady delights around every corner. But needs must. We’ve only got one more full day and still plenty of wow-ing left to do! Tomorrow in particular Barry would’ve loved.

We relished the opportunity for a roof-top lunch with wine (when in France!), before untying the ropes.

The lock exiting Saverne is a high one, at 5.43 meters, which begins the sequence of a chain of fourteen locks. Joining us was a very small motor boat with three half clothed young men in. Thank goodness they survived the second lock they joined us in. We left them trying to find the rope they’d just managed to let go of before they tipped the boat up. Hopefully they found their way back to Saverne safely.

Through The Foret Domaniale De Saverne to Lutzelbourg

For ten kilometres and nine locks, we were surrounded by trees on hillsides and a deep blue sky. Today I definitely drove up top. It was a hot one! When we got to our destination of Lutzelbourg it reported the temperature was almost 30 degrees. Far warmer than predicted. I fried a little steering the boat, though Tony was an angel and held the sun brolly over me intermittently.

We’ve got these French locks down to a fine art now.

Kerry had a turn at the wheel on the way, until Tony freaked a little spotting a boat heading towards us, and suggested I take over again. I have no doubt if Barry was with us he’d be doing the majority of the driving. Despite wishing he was here, I have to admit it’s been a real confidence boost for me to be the main driver.

This evening we arrived in another spectacular location called Luzelbourg. It’s even more like a fairytale town than ever.

After a short wander and a much needed refreshing beer each, we ate tea on board, then Kerry and I walked up the steep hill overlooking the town to visit the castle ruins of Le Château De Lutzebourg. After such a glorious day the light was perfect.

Tony chose to remain on the boat while we hiked up the hill. At the top we could see our boat, with Tony somewhere inside. It’s the one in the centre below …

Wow! Another splendid day.

Update on Barry

Barry and Dickie were last seen mooring up at Moore (not sure if that’s how it’s spelt!), and heading to the pub. Last seen by us on FaceTime around 5pm. Barry was very jovial, he and Dickie are like a couple of teenagers despite being in their 60s, and admitted he prefers the British rain to the heat of France. Good job really as he’s not got a lot of choice at the moment 😂.

2 thoughts on “Day Ten – Roses and Castle

    • They were so gorgeous. Only payed a few photos 😂
      Don’t worry, Barry doesn’t really ‘do’ miserable. He’s accepted it’s just how it is. We’ll make up for it in future 😉

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