Day 5 – All Aboard Le Boat!

Today we boarded our ‘Le Boat’ boat at Boofzheim, a 40 minute drive from Strasbourg. We had the morning to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and continue exploring this fine city – returning tomorrow evening to moor up and mooch some more.

We were amazed to discover entrance to the Cathedral is free. It’s stunning. Undoubtedly ranked amongst the top five cathedrals I’ve seen.

Tony and I FaceTimed Barry after our visit, to try and keep him included in some small way, while Kerry continued photographing with glee.

I’m loving French coffee. Normally I’d have one quality cup a day, around 11am. Here I’m relishing two a day! Walking towards an outdoor cafe, Kerry and I found a quaint headband stall and learnt how to tie them. How could I resist this ‘Paris’ themed one?

Le Boat Boofzheim

This afternoon I ordered an Uber to take us to the boat pick-up point at Boofzheim. It initially seemed a simple process. However the Saturday crowds made driving through the city challenging, and the first two drivers cancelled on me less than ten minutes away, which was annoying. The third stayed the course thankfully, and got us to our next destination promptly.

A local taxi took us to the village to do a grocery shop, then back to the hire company for the briefing. Which felt rather a brief brief! Maybe because Tony said he’s used to boats, and Told them I live on one …

This boat is massive! So much wider than Areandare. Or so it feels. And you drive it from the front not the back. With a steering wheel! Oh my. Where is Captain Barry? Still I was determined not to let Kerry and Tony down. Also as nominated stand-in Captain I felt obliged to live up to the title. I kept my calm, took it slowly, and soon started to get a feel for the intricacies of manoeuvring our floating home for the next six days. Early days yet though.

I’ll do my utmost not to copy Tim (of Tim and Pru Great Canal Journeys fame), and bash the boat on anything. A few kilometres and one lock down this evening, and no collisions with anything so far …

It’s been a great day – if only this weather would last! Unfortunately it looks as though we’ve got one more dry sunny day, then a few days of rain sadly. Hey ho. C’est la vie 😉

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