Day Two – Making The Most of The Adventure

Still no news on Barry’s visa today. Nothing left to do to change that so I’m determined to make the most of each day and trust it WILL arrive soon.

The overnight Brittany Ferry Mont St Michel went smoothly.

We’d booked reclining seats which were in a small ‘private’ lounge. Not that you’d notice the ‘recline’ to be honest. Having been a nurse and midwife for over 30 years, I’ve taught myself the ability to sleep anywhere anytime. Sitting upright on the ferry wasn’t great though. Despite my coccyx cushion, blanket, ear plugs, a couple of Kalms, lavender oil and eye mask! I resorted to the floor in the end, having seen a few companions making that choice. I then slept fairly comfortably, on and off, for around six hours.

This morning I overloaded somewhat on cafe au lait and croissants, as you do when in France (it’d be rude not to!), before getting a taxi to Cabourg. I shared the ride with a young Swedish man, a cameraman whose mission it was today to film Swedish paratroopers jumping from planes. One of whom was his dad.

Odile and Bruno have made me very welcome, and I’ve had a wonderful walk around this charming French holiday town. It feels like a fairy village to me in comparison to the mostly ugly houses in England. I’d love to do a gallery to show you, but I’ve not worked out how to do clever things like that on my iPad!

Marie Antoinette’s house above. Many of the grand houses are shuttered up, only being occupied during the summer months.

This evening there’s been the frequent deep humming sound of aircraft flying low overhead. I’m aware there’s commemorations taking place all around. Thankfully though there’s no TV where I’m staying. And we have absolutely no plans to visit anything resembling D-Day tomorrow. Things would likely be different if Barry was here.

Maybe the visa will come tomorrow (I appreciate I may sound like a broken record but I’m going to continue putting the energy out there!) …

4 thoughts on “Day Two – Making The Most of The Adventure

    • On board Areandare. Near Church Minshall I believe. Not totally given up hope of joining me but hanging by a fragile thread sadly 😥

  1. Such a shame those gorgeous houses stand empty for so long. Do you think they’d be in to a time-share thing? 😀
    All digits crossed for Barry too. 🙂

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