First Trading weekend Since September

Having chosen, for family reasons, to base ourselves in the north-west this year, we’re seeking out trading opportunities for available weekends. Not that we have that many of those – with a number of trips planned (that may or may not happen depending on Barry’s visa of course!).

Last weekend we moored up at Westport Lake from Friday to Monday. It’s a 48 hour mooring, but as a ‘Roving Trader‘ boat, we have CRT permission to stay for those three days.

The Home Brew Boat at Westport Lake April 2019
Moored up on Friday evening, near ‘Baked on Board’

Through the wonders of Facebook, we’d seen that Paul and David on ‘Baked on Board‘, aka The Pizza Boat, would be in the same location. It’s usually advantageous to be near other traders to draw in people.

Barry chatted with them as we approached, before cruising almost to the Harecastle Tunnel to turn us around (as we need our side hatch on the towpath side to trade). They informed him that another trade boat was arriving on Sunday, ‘Barge-Inn Booze‘ (clever name aye?). This boat is fully licensed to sell ‘intoxicating liquor’ and hot drinks. We think though it only cruises around a small area, hence their ability to have a licence to sell.

The Home Brew Boat at Westport Lake April 2019
Barry alll set up to trade, along with Barge-Inn Booze, and Baked on Board on Sunday

The weather didn’t help footfall sadly. Although it was dry and intermittently sunny, the wind chill factor felt as though it was coming straight from the arctic!

We enjoyed our first delicious pizza from Paul on Sunday lunchtime. A Lock-Keeper Pepperoni. It’s quite an incredible sight, a large wood-fired pizza oven on the front of a narrowboat! Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of it this time – my focus of attention had to be on the young man we had charge of 😉

Saturday night sleepover

Our youngest grandson had a sleepover with us on Saturday night. What a fantastic location we’d found for him. Having recently mastered the art of riding a bike without stabilisers, grandma had to get her skates on (not literally, though only because I don’t have any!) to try and keep up with him peddling around the lake. She wasn’t always successful! Thankfully, despite occasional wobbles, there no accidents. A few walkers may have had to move swiftly on hearing “Excuse me” as he approached …

Planned Festivals This Year

We have just two festivals booked to date. The first is Norbury Canal Festival from Saturday 4th to Monday 6th May (at Norbury Junction, Staffordshire, ST20 0PN). We’ll be amongst lots of trade boats and activities for the weekend.

Then on Saturday 6th July, we’ll be at Bugsworth Basin Fun Day. Along with an amazing range of other trade boats and land based stalls and attractions.

Easter Weekend

I’m off on the first of my 60th birthday present trips on Thursday. A week at a Spa resort in the mountain of Cyprus awaits, generously paid for by my beautiful younger daughter who’s on a two-week break from her job in Nigeria. How wonderful.

Barry will be moving us further towards Norbury, and hoping to find a place to trade over the Easter weekend. Wheelock or Middlewich he thinks …

9 thoughts on “First Trading weekend Since September

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  2. Hi Sandra
    hope you are enjoying Cyprus even if it is hotter here ! I am afraid we rather distracted Barry from his trading this afternoon … the lure of the White Bear was too much for him and Andy ! It was lovely to catch up though and hear all about your latest adventures. Perhaps next time we bump onto each other you will be aboard as well 🙂
    Liz and Andy

    • Hi Liz. It is extremely relaxing here. Despite it being cooler than England atm 😂. I’m sure Barry took little persuading to be distracted – no competition really 😆😎
      Great that you caught up. One day I’ll be on the boat when you pass. Some people think I’m a figment if his imagination 😝
      Take care x

  3. Hi Sandra
    I’m loving your posts. My wife and I can relate to trading on a barge. We built our static 21metre barge from a rusty hull in 2015/16. See for the build. I am a fine art photographer (I like your work Barry) and my wife is fine art painter. We have sold our work in various galleries around Leigh-on-Sea,Essex for last 25 yrs but decided to build our own gallery, thus we trade from our barge which is located in Leigh Marina. See At present we are currently living aboard our gallery and just roll the rugs up and clear a few bits away and open to the public on saturdays. your comments on the cold weather are changing as I type and looks like being a good Easter.
    Kind regards
    Ian and Jo James

    • Hi Ian and Jo. Thanks so much for commenting, it’s always appreciated and makes the time spent writing and editing worthwhile. And I’ll pass on your praise to Barry. He is a talented photographer.

      Your life sounds idyllic. Fingers crossed for sunshine and warmth. Makes us all feel so much brighter 🌞

  4. Nantwich has a Jazz Festival all weekend at Easter if you want come across to the Shroppie, usually a few traders about

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