Never a dull moment on board or on land

You may recall I mentioned we’ve got rather a lot of adventures planned this year? The past two weeks have also included a few unplanned fun experiences. And a couple of more grounding events. 

We’d wanted to arrange a catch up with Helen and Gav in Guiseley, to share Calendar Club experiences (we’d recommended them as Operators to CC and they successfully ran not one but two outlets in Leeds). Having arranged a hire car for two weeks from 18th March, we decided to extend that from 12th, and drive north for a couple of days. I gratefully snuck in a hair cut with Danielle at Taylor Taylor in Sheffield. She’s one of only two hairdressers I’ve found in UK who understands my hair. The other one’s in Brighton. Neither location is easy to get to for me – but it’s a matter of priorities sometimes!

As always time with these pair was awesome. We may be old enough to be their parents, but somehow we all meet in the middle and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. We ate and drank out and in. Mooched  around charity shops in Ilkley and Guiseley (where even Barry found a top and jacket!). And walked on Ilkley Moor – the subject of a song I fondly recall dad singing when I was a young girl. Watch this rendition – it’ll make your spine tingle! Spookily the video was filmed in the very location we walked. Amusingly I didn’t even know the meaning of the song until Gav and Helen informed me …

At The Woolpack (yep,THE Woolpack!), we took part in a Quiz night. Even with our extensive age-range we didn’t manage over 50% correct answers but it was a brilliant night.

We played board games and giggled like children. Reminisced about New Zealand and our shared friends there. Totally worth every second of travelling to share a delightful two days together. 

A Moving Tribute

From Guiseley we drove south to Milton Keynes for our friend Paul’s funeral.

Unfortunately so much driving isn’t something I’m used to and in order to remain alert I find chewing gum, drinking water and eating sweets helps. Parking up at the Crematorium I felt a ‘crack’ and out popped a piece of silver. A chunk of filling. Which later evolved into a loose tooth. Rather an inconvenience at any time, but especially at the moment with our packed schedule. And something I’ve not experienced for many years!

But I digress …

Paul’s family ( and I suspect Paul himself during his final weeks), planned an extremely moving tribute to share highlights of a life-well-lived. One with so much left to enjoy, but also had followed his heart in a variety of ways during his 63 years.

The venue was packed with family and friends from the narrowboating community; Paul’s time in Mojacar in Spain; and even a couple of representatives from his last employer in Manly. It was a privilege and honour for us to be present to pay our respects. 

From Milton Keynes it was a swift drive north-east back to Areandare at Radford Bank. Barry stayed on board while I continued my journey to Malpas where I stayed the night. The following day I scooped up our eldest grandson Leon, had a playful day out with him, before also returning to Areandare for one night and a day. Returning on the Sunday, I stayed overnight in order to attempt to book an emergency dental appointment on Monday morning.

Having only just changed practices from the one in Ombersley we’d been registered with since 2013, I had less success than I hoped. I was told I need an initial check first. Which I can understand. However we had more planned and unplanned commitments during the week, so it proved problematic. The compromise was Thursday morning 22nd March for a check up and emergency care, whilst hoping the cracked loose tooth didn’t wreak further damage!

I sort of yearn for a quiet life chilling on the cut – but then realise how grateful we are to have such a rich, diverse and eventful life. Without which I’d have little to write about …

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    • No X-ray. Injections, broken tooth/filling removed, space filled, but not quite right. Going back next week for initial check-up and X-rays. However there’s been another development …

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