A Gorgeous Grandsons Weekend and Imminent Move North

It’s been a number of months since we’ve both been able to travel up to Malpas and spend a few days with Lisa, Rob and our grandsons. Synchronising everyone’s availability makes it challenging, but we’d booked last weekend up earlier in January.

Incredibly it was more cost effective to hire a car from Enterprise than take public transport. Less than £60 for three days! Bargain. Which meant we could scoop up grandson number two on Saturday and take him to Spaceport in Seacombe, next to the Mersey Ferry port. At almost six-years-old, he’s fascinated by so many things; space is just one of them. There’s a large exhibition filled with images and interactive areas – as well as a private collection of Star Wars Memorabilia.

Star wars Memorabilia Spaceport
Ewok at Spaceport

We enjoyed a bracing walk along the river afterwards. One day we hope to make the boat trip from Liverpool to Manchester. We’ve travelled OVER the Ship Canal so many times on the Barton Swing Aqueduct.

River Mersey

On Sunday we took both boys out for the day to give their parents a well-earned break. This involved firstly swimming at Plas Madoc, near Wrexham. It’s such a credit to the local population, who took it over and re-opened it after the local council shut it a few years ago.

Afterwards we drove Plassey Holiday Park on the return journey. It was a freezing cold day – Barry and I dressed warmly whereas the boys stripped off to trousers and top! It did heat up a little when we ran around playing ‘tag’ like youngsters. Keeps us young and fit – or at least that’s part of the plan!

Moving northwards soon by narrowboat

Currently we’re back moored next to The Tame Otter in Hopwas for a few days. On Saturday we’ll ascend Fradley Locks, at the junction of the Trent and Mersey and Coventry Canals, before they close for repair. Slowly heading towards Stafford Boat Club. Areandare is booked into the Dry Dock there to have her bottom blacked in mid-March. Sounds decidedly painful! I suspect it will be, for Barry and I. Let’s hope the weather warms up considerably before then.

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