Is It Cold Living On a Narrowboat In Winter

A recurring theme when we inform people we live all year round aboard Areandare, is to ask “Is it cold living in a boat in winter?” Our occasional smart retort is “Is it cold living in a house in winter?” Because really, when you think about it, it’s a ridiculous question.

Or maybe that’s unfair. I guess people are just interested and don’t know. They’ve possibly never been on a narrowboat in the winter. Or have only hired boats with limited heating on board.

We British have a penchant for discussing the vagaries of the weather. I’m not sure it’s a positive quality, definitely not something to boast about. But it is a well-known one worldwide.

Probably because it’s so unpredictable! Just ask Michael Fish

We’ve recently had a spot of snow across UK. Which certainly made it cold outside. And in the winter of 2017/18 we experienced a surprising amount of the white cold stuff (check out this post from last January).

There have been occasions in the past few months, when we’ve been working seven days a week, that the multi-fuel stove has gone out. Coming back to the boat we can categorically state that YES, it’s cold on the boat then. But it soon warms up once the fire is lit.

It’s only a small space to heat after all. We’ve got our fabulous Valiant Fan to share the warm air through the living space too, which helps. Oh, and the luxury of an electric blanket on the bed of course! 

NB Areandare Hopwas December 2017
NB Areandare in the snow, Hopwas December 2017

We recently welcomed a couple of guests on board for five nights, who discovered how cosy it can be. In fact when they returned to land-living-with-family, they decided it was far warmer on the boat!

Enjoying a game of Six-Handed-Rummy with Mairead and Kelly from NZ. Barry is in a short-sleeved-t-shirt it’s so cosy

5 thoughts on “Is It Cold Living On a Narrowboat In Winter

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  2. I always told enquirers that if you see anyone in shorts and t-shirt on the canal path in winter, you can guarantee they live on a narrow boat!

    • Lol love it! We often strip down to T-shirts when it gets too hot. Whereas when staying in houses we take extra layers 😂

  3. It was definetly toasting on your lovely floating home. The small fire kick out a good amount if heat.
    Thanks so much for having us. Fond memories for us to remember

    • It was an absolute pleasure Kelly. Wonderful to meet Mairead and spend time with you both aboard our floating home. Hope you get to travel safely home to Aotearoa very soon. Arohanui xx

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