Having Time for Inspirational Images

Bizarrely I forgot to mention in the last post that we’d had the ‘luxury’ of two whole days off, before the end of our Calendar Club season on 6th January 2019.

One of those of course was Christmas Day, and rather splendid it was too. We’d stayed in the shop after closing to get the window display ready for the annual 40% off sale from Boxing Day onwards (Calendar Club are consistent with this phase of the season), and to re-price the front display of each item in the store. Following such a long day, we relished a quiet night on board Areandare, a good nights’ sleep, and then travelled to my elder daughter’s house in Malpas to spend a wonderful day with them all. I’d collected a hire car from Lichfield Enterprise in the afternoon.

We drove back first thing Boxing Day morning ready to open by 10am …

Our New Year’s Eve was strangely subdued. We both ‘retired’ well before the stroke of midnight – the first time in living memory for me! New Year’s Day, the second day off, was a blissfully relaxed event. We spent it chilling on the boat, and walking in nearby Hopwas Woods. I captured this perfectly peaceful photo of Barry that I adore …

Inspirational image of Barry gazing out of Hopwas Woods
Barry gazes reflectively from Hopwas Woods on New Year’s Day 2019

Inland Waterways Greeting Cards

I’m overjoyed this year that I’ve managed to cajole/persuade Barry to join me more often in contributing to this website/blog.

Already he’s got his awesome range of 47 Inspirational Images Greeting Cards uploaded, making it possible to purchase them directly from here. Go to the Home Page or the Greeting Cards page and check them out. They’re brilliant for birthdays, new home greetings, thank you’s; just about any occasion you need a card for you’re likely to find a suitable one.

If you can’t find the one you’re looking for, let us know in the comments below what you’d like to see – he may be ordering additional images in a month or two so he can take it into consideration …

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