LHCRT Our Chosen Charity Calendar for 2018

As self-employed operators for Calendar Club, we get the chance to choose to sell a charity calendar. Last year we contacted Lichfield and Hatherton Canal Restorations Trust (LHCRT) to see if they had a calendar available. Unfortunately they didn’t. Shortly afterwards we were approached by a lovely lady asking if we’d sell Lichfield Calendars raising money for ‘The Pathway Project‘. We agreed as we both felt it was a most worthwhile cause.

This year, we’re tremendously excited that LHCRT have produced a calendar. And we’re proud to be selling it in our Lichfield Market Street Calendar Club shop. Rest assured readers that all proceeds go directly to LHCRT. Not a penny comes to us, or Calendar Club.

Now I’m not the greatest writer or historian about the British canals. Barry, as you know, is the fanatic (is that too strong a word I wonder?). However, I do have some awareness of the incredible energy that’s been given to fundraising for many years, and the voluntary work being undertaken by a wide range of people, to restore the Lichfield and Hatherton Canals. Sections of it are springing to life, and there’s new towpaths and walking trails aplenty to whet your appetite. David Suchet, by the way, of Hercule Poirot fame, is their Vice President and staunch supporter.

The LHCRT website is exceptional, packed full of all the amazing things that have happened since their inception in 1988. In 2001 they even fought to have an aqueduct over the Birmingham Northern Relief Road, aka the M6 Toll. It sits there silently, waiting patiently for a future time when it will be used. At which time I’ve recently discovered, one of the deepest locks on the system will connect it to the canal.

To discover more, go to the website. For a fascinating overview of what’s been happening over the years, and their vision for the 21st century, there’s an informative YouTube Video I’d recommend you watch – https://bit.ly/2CyZOm6 (You may even spot us featured at some stage if you look closely).

Funds needed to continue the work

We’d encourage you to support LHCRT however you can. That could be donating via the website, volunteering, becoming a member – or coming to see us and buying a calendar!

Buzzing in the centre of town

We’re loving our current location in Lichfield. There’s an incredible buzz every day of things going on. The market for instance. We can hear the folks calling out their latest bargains. “Two punnets of raspberries for a pound” encouraged me to buy on Friday.

Yesterday it was the Lichfield Festival of Folk. We were thrilled to witness a lively procession passing right in front of us (if you’re my ‘friend’ on Facebook you can see a live video I took) …

Celebrating 30 years

Yesterday I was honoured to be a guest at the celebration of Helen and Andy Tidy’s 30th wedding anniversary. The actual date of the event was in July, when they were in Cosgrove on their boat. But they chose Saturday 20th October to have a gathering of close friends and family to mark the occasion.

Having to ‘man’ the shop seven days a week, sadly meant Barry didn’t get to come. I did bring him some cake back though!

There was a bit of a boating contingent in the room …

We certainly do lead a very full and varied life on and off NB Areandare, and realise how fortunate we are! Long may it last say I. 

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