Looking Fabulous and Loving Being Back in Lichfield

It’s been four days since we ‘birthed’ our Lichfield Market Street Calendar Club store, opening the doors to our first customers on Saturday 13th October. The pain of building the premises from a bare room to a fully functioning shop was definitely worthwhile.

We had a brilliant beginning. The shop floor heaved with customers eager to spend for most of the day, having had no problem finding us thank goodness despite us being in a different location to the past few years. Then again, it was a special weekend of ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’ which would’ve helped sales!

So far all’s going smoothly, and we’re loving being back in Lichfield. We’ve already welcomed many previous customers, and a few more friends have surprised us with a visit to cheer us on. 

One of the advantages for us of this period of the year, is the ability to  work together as a ‘team’; the common goal being to sell as many of the fantastic range of calendars, diaries and gifts as possible. Obviously it’s also an achievable way to earn a much needed income to sustain us during the ‘lean’ months of winter. Additionally Barry’s visa application costs us thousands of pounds, so we’re focussed on reaching that goal too.

Lichfield Calendar Club Transformation

In the previous post we shared how bare our shop initially looked, and the craziness of the build days. Check out the transformation by our opening weekend – via Barry’s lens  …

Understandably it’s already feeling like our second ‘home’. This time round we’re incredibly grateful to have the luxury of carpet under foot – and heating! Oh yes, and no upper floor to trudge up and down to move stock, or go to the toilet. It’s all on one level, apart from a couple of steps up to the back store room and kitchen. Yes, a kitchen! I have no idea how Operators survive a season working in a Mall Unit, not being able to make tea and coffee, or eat food away from the service area.

We appreciate it’s not likely we’ll source such a perfect position and premises again and intend to make the most of the privilege. Hurrah for going the extra mile to find this year’s shop.

If you sign up to receive news from Calendar Club, I believe they’ll keep you informed of any future promotions (www.calendarclub.co.uk). Use the code code A1187, and if you order anything, you’ll get 10% off.

Who’s planning on coming to see us before early January then?

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