Ready to open our Lichfield Calendar Club shop after a massive two days

The transforming of an empty space and turning it into a functioning shop is an incredible thing to witness. It’s full-on for two days, with a team of people helping the first day when the most effort is essential. It’s a painful process, leading to an amazing adventure.

We’re wondering occasionally if we’re completely crazy. Rather like being pregnant for the second time, having planned to be (any women reading who have two or more children are likely to understand). The pain of the first labour and birth suddenly flashes back at you, and you realise the enormity of what’s coming.

That’s rather dramatic I admit. But bear with me …

The journey of our Lichfield Calendar Club set-up

To provide some perspective, the first pictures were taken by Barry when he went to check the measurements of the potential site of our 2018/19 store on 27th September.

On Wednesday we were up bright and early, having stayed overnight at my older sister Kath’s house in Lichfield to guarantee arriving on time for the delivery scheduled at 7am. We had a team of family and friends arriving to help us, as well as the amazing Charlie, our Territorial Manager’s daughter and a very experienced Operator.

Next is the journey from pallets to store build …

From the pallets everything must be unloaded and taken into the empty shop …

Then our own Wonder Woman Charlie, jumps into action, competently and confidently leading everyone to work as a team.  The structure is soon put together with inspiring ingenuity, helped I might add by a large collection of cable ties!

The terrific team – Sandra, tony. Charlie, Matt, Barry, Kath and Lee

We even got our signs sorted …

There’s no mistaking us now.

Yesterday it was just Barry and I assembling the remainder of stock and sorting things such as a float for the till, all the Gift Wrap Envelopes (some fab new designs this year), dozens of mugs, and essentially making sure the shelves are full of fabulous calendars and diaries.

Throughout the day we had people looking in, asking when we’re opening – and a surprise visit from a couple of friends who just happened to be passing and saw us. No photos, I forgot was too focussed on the task at hand to take any at all today!

Opening Day Saturday 13th October

Before we open the door today I shall take photos for the next post, so you can really see how things have progressed. It’s quite magical.

I’m scheduling this post to publish at 0900hrs, the time our 2018/19 Calendar Club season officially opens to the public.

We’re both a little tired to say the least, but we know we’ve broken the back of the set-up. Talking of backs, Barry had to take more tablets last night to ease his poor old joints.

We’d love you to come and see us if you’re in Lichfield anytime between today and early January. The address is 34-36 Market Street, Lichfield, WS13 6LH.

Even if you can’t, but you want to buy any calendars or other things anytime between now and early January and help contribute to our commission, use the code A1187 when you order online from

This weekend it’s ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’!

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