All in place to start Lichfield Calendar Club

It’s been an interesting few weeks, doing all we can to get the best location for our Lichfield Calendar Club store.  Yesterday we heard everything’s been signed, and 34-36 Market Street is ours to run until January 2019.

It’s a in splendid position. Right next door to the Samuel Johnson Museum, near Greggs, and steps away from the buzzing Market Square. There’s regular markets held in the square all year round, on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. selling all manner of fascinating things. Fridays is the ‘Farmers’ Market‘ selling wholesome locally-produced food and an excellent choice of hand-made arts and crafts.

Our shop last year in the Three Spires Centre, was rather long and narrow. It often felt as though we’d missed customers when we were busy, as it was a challenge to see the gorgeous calendars and diaries amongst a sea of people. We’re confident this year we’ll have more space in the ‘L’ shape area.

We ‘build’ the shop from scratch starting at 7am tomorrow, opening to the public at 9am on Saturday 13th October. From then on we’re open every day until the second week of January. Apart from Christmas Day of course. And possibly New Year’s Day. So there’s unlikely to be any further boating news until 2019!

Do check out the massive range of products on the Calendar Club UK website. If you find something you like, come to Lichfield see if we sell it in store. If not, or you can’t get to us, wait a day or two and we’ll share our website code so you can order it ‘as if’ you’d bought it in store. We’ll get a percentage commission and it won’t cost you a penny more!

Looking for an Operator in Coventry

There’s one last store operator opportunity available in the area of our Territorial Manager – and that’s Coventry. If you’re at all interested and want to know more, go to the Calendar Club website contact page and phone them for Steve’s number. He’s waiting for your call today

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