Seasonal Operators wanted urgently for Calendar Club UK

Regular readers will be aware that for the last two years, Barry and I have had the privilege of working for Calendar Club UK. We’re very much hoping to be doing the same thing this year, returning to Lichfield selling a wide range of calendars, diaries, annuals, and mugs.

At the time of publishing, we’re waiting to hear if/where we have a store. Sadly it’s not looking like it’ll be at the Three Spires Centre. Our previous store has recently been taken by the Lichfield Cathedral shop. However we’ve seen a couple of excellently located vacant stores in the centre and we’re crossing all appendages we’ll be setting up in one of those shops in the next few weeks, ready to sell the best selection of calendars in the known universe!

In the meantime, in the area of our Territorial Manager (TM), there’s a few places with opportunities for new operators to apply for. You can read more about our experiences in a previous blog post.

Calendar Club Boxing day sale 2017

Barry and Steve at our Lichfield Three Spires store, Boxing Day 2017 sale

Maybe you travel the cut and could do with a winter job to top up your income? Could be you’re ‘between’ jobs, and looking for something to tide you over? Or, like us, roving traders who have sparse chance for opening  out of the main trading season.

Shops and mall units are already starting to open. The Bull Ring and Mansfield started the season off, opening on 24th September. Nottingham opened yesterday. This year it’s hoped to have 280 stores or mall units across the UK.

Steve, our TM, is looking for operators in the following areas:

  • Hereford
  • Coventry
  • Merry Hill (lower mall)
  • And one more – we’re keeping that to ourselves for now, until our Lichfield store is confirmed! If we don’t get Lichfield we want this one …

Exceptional Customer Experience

Here’s a snippet of information from the Calendar Club UK website to whet your appetite …

We are seeking Operators who are hardworking, self-motivated and confident individuals. As a self-employed Store Operator you will be responsible for running your store, ensuring it is profitable and well merchandised. You will represent the brand at all times, providing an exceptional branded experience to every customer, in turn, ensuring your store meets or exceeds its sales targets.

To be successful, you will be highly organised and commercial with your approach. Ideally you will have gained experience from a retail or service background, in a fast-paced environment. As a Store Operator you will also need to inspire your team and demonstrate passion for the product and the brand.

Calendar Club provides the stock, premises, shop fittings, uniform, systems training and know how. We offer full training and support, enabling every Operator to set up, trade and close their branded store at the end of the season. Calendar Club Operators must be able to follow stock control processes and administer their store, whilst adhering to our company procedures.

Sound like you? We offer great earning potential to the right people and the opportunity to return year on year.” 

If you’re interested in such a fabulous way of earning money in a short space of time, click on this link to apply. Get in as soon as possible though would be my advice! First come, first served, if you have the required skill-set.

If you want to know more from the horses mouths, we’re happy for you to contact us.

As soon as we know where we’re going to be, we’ll let you know. Our fingers and toes are crossed that the store we want, will be the one Calendar Club secure for us in the very near future.

4 thoughts on “Seasonal Operators wanted urgently for Calendar Club UK

  1. We are in the UK for 5 weeks, so will find a shop somewhere. We will be based in Manchester, and not planning to go to Birmingham, just through it by train to Warwick/Leamington Spa to walk the canals and locks.

    • You most certainly will find a store or mall unit around Manchester. You can go to the Calendar Club website and do a search. It should tell you your nearest store and opening times. Let us know how you get on 😉

  2. Sounds like a great way to make money during the winter time. We are coming to the UK for a flying holiday – next week – so I will see if I am in the area of your store, and maybe call in to buy a calendar. I like to buy one for my mother each year, and I like one with very specific requirements, so I find the “pop up” calendar shops the best. Will definitely call into a Calendar Club store.

    • It sure is Catherine. Before we worked for Calendar Club I used to buy our annual calendars from a Calendar Club shop wherever we were. Always had the best range to choose from.

      Sadly you’re unlikely to find us next week. We’re still waiting to hear if we have a store somewhere in Lichfield! The Birmingham Bull Ring outlet is open so pop there and see Terry 😉

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