6 thoughts on “When Hire Boaters Make Life Worse by Water

  1. Wow well said Sandra.
    It does seem as though the waterways have changed for the worse since we returned home.
    I know when we were there several of the reputable hire companies refused to hire to a group of same sex hirer’s. It’s easy to see why!
    Keep up your wonderful blog we still love following it.

    • Ah thank you Dot. It seemed the most appropriate thing for us to do to try and help George and show support. I’m not sure things have worsened since you left though. The waterways are wonderful. We adore them. It’s only a minority causing problems thankfully.

      It dies seem that the stag party hirers are renowned for causing havoc on the canals. Not all. But we heard a story the other night about two such boats who drove at full speed towards each other with someone in the roof of each brandishing boat poles in a jousting fashion. Can you imagine the dangers in that behavior? Obviously these men are oblivious to risks to themselves and others. Something needs to be done before the story is of a fatality 😰

      Sending love to you and Derek. X

  2. Well done Sandra for bringing this to a wider audience. We too have given something that we hope might help George. We were on that part of the K&A 3 years ago, so have some idea what a nightmare the stag boats are. We both hope the guys are taken to court – private boaters would be.

    • Thank you Jenny. It’s time this was stopped. Hopefully the next saga won’t be a loss of life or limb if they nationally choose to ignore the rally of support from the cut and their supporters.

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