The answer to the face on the York Wall

Yesterday’s blog post included a photo of what I saw in 2009, and again in 2018, as a ‘face’ in the wall in York.

Barry had taken a photo nine years ago after I pointed it out to him. He transformed it into two rather cool pieces of artwork, that we sadly sold at auction when we left New Zealand in March 2013. You see the thing with being nomads is you can’t have no wish or ability to keep lots of stuff! Liberating in one sense. Painful in others.

We haven’t heard yet who has it adorning their house wall? Maybe we’ll never know …

The Wall at York

Here’s the 2018 photo I took …

Face in the wall in York

Barry’s edited 2009 version one …

Face in the wall in York

Another edited image with some spooky psychedelic effects cleverly layered in

Have you guessed yet?

It looks very like ‘The Scream’, by Edvard Munch don’t you think? Have look and see for yourself:

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