Crew found! All appendages crossed for a safe third time lucky journey tomorrow

The wonders of the blogosphere aye? Thank you to Twitterland too, from where friends said they would have jumped at the chance had they been in the country. And then a lovely Tweeting lady offered – simultaneously friends from when we moored at Tattenhall Marina phoned Barry directly and offered their services.

So hurrah! We’re sorted. Barry can smile again (he was bereft!).

Thank you Andy and Liz.

I’ll be flying to Minorca as they’re cruising across the Ribble Link, and I’ll meet up with Barry in Lancaster on Tuesday 5th June.

6 thoughts on “Crew found! All appendages crossed for a safe third time lucky journey tomorrow

  1. I’d have been keen but we have plans this week – hope to track you down in a couple of weeks before we go back to NZ. x

  2. Good luck with the crossing Barry – jealous cos I want to do it! Looking forward to reading all about the trip
    Have a great holiday Sandra – you deserve it
    We’re battling high winds on the L&L between Blackburn and Burnley, but it is GREAT! 😊
    Fabulous scenery even though it is Lancashire 😂
    Weaver’s Triangle here we come…

  3. It is no problem Sandra ,Andy and Matthew want to do the Ribble Link and I am NOT keen at all, so they get to do it without me complaining and I am sure they will enjoy themselves ! ! Have a good holiday
    Liz and Andy (Midland Star)

    • Hi Liz – I totally understand! I suspect we’ve been jinxed because I’ve not been keen. I’d just said to Barry this morning I was feeling nervous. But then my brain is a complete fog anyway at the moment. I’m sure the three boys together will have a blast. xx

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