Anyone nearby want to crew for the Ribble Link tomorrow?

Having postponed our initial Ribble Link crossing of 15th May, due to the sudden and unexpected death of my mum, we’d re-booked it for today. Available on the CRT website when we looked a few days after arriving in Ombersley was yesterday, today or tomorrow. Yesterday was the day after my dear mum’s funeral – a definite no-goer. Tomorrow I’m flying to Minorca with my eldest daughter and grandsons for a week. Obviously that wasn’t a possibility either. Today was our ‘window’.

The weather gods have decided otherwise. We’ve just heard today’s crossing is cancelled due to the wind. I’m guessing I’m not destined to do this!

For this year, tomorrow is our only chance of getting up to the Lancaster Canal. Barry can’t do it alone. There must be two competent crew on board.

So dear blog readers. Is there anyone nearby familiar with narrow boating, and keen/available to be on board with Barry?

Go to our contact details this morning if possible, and let us know, and we can chat about possibilities.

One thought on “Anyone nearby want to crew for the Ribble Link tomorrow?

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