Two days later and a short explanation

I’m beginning to write this post exactly 48 hours after I received a shocking phone call. Barry and I had just left Areandare and were walking to the River Douglas to check it out before we went through Tarleton Lock at 10am on Tuesday morning, for our planned Ribble Link crossing.

From an unknown number, which I sometimes ignore – fortunately this time I chose to answer. It was a mobile number. A calm and kindly male voice was at the other end. His name was Edward. A paramedic. He ascertained who I was, and then broke the devastating news to me that my darling mum had been found dead at home by her evening carer.

This afternoon we heard from the Coroner that mum had had a massive heart attack. She wouldn’t have known anything. A peaceful death, at home, surrounded by the spirit of her best friend and husband of almost 60 years, who died in February 2015.

This is a short post to update you all. I’m really grateful for all your messages and wanted you to know what the devastating news was and not keep you in suspense. You can appreciate it wasn’t appropriate to divulge the reason until now.

We’ve re-booked the Ribble Link for Sunday 27th May. In the meantime there’s lots to process and arrange. And I dearly wish to write a tribute post to my darling mum in the near future, when I feel able to. How fortunate myself and my three sisters and all our respective families have been to have this wonderful wahine (woman) in our lives for such a great length of time.

10 thoughts on “Two days later and a short explanation

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  2. Sandra we are so sorry to hear your sad news, but as you said, it was a ‘good death’ for your beloved Mum. Just such a shock for you and your sisters who all did so much for her whilst she was alive. Enjoy the Ribble link crossing tomorrow and remember all the good times with your Mum. Our thoughts are with you. Jennie and Chris

  3. Sandra,
    Sorry to hear your mum has died…
    It’s nearly 12 years since my mum died and it has to be one of the worst things that can happen; I still miss her and think about her almost every day, but fondly – grief does wane
    Chris x

  4. I am so sorry to hear your news, thinking of you, your mother and family will be in my prayers

  5. It is always a dramatic blow when you receive sudden news like that Sandra and my heart goes out to you at this very poignant time in your life, Barry will be there for you and you are so lucky to have him, because there will be so much to occupy you both now before the funeral. XX

  6. So sorry to hear of your loss. Lots of love to you and your family. I look forward to hearing about your mum, I bet she was a force of nature.

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