Farnhill to Skipton

It’s at times like this I wonder why on earth we put ourselves under pressure to blog regularly about our journeys on the Inland Waterways of UK. This year, despite making a conscious choice to let go of trading at festivals (though we may do a few in September), our itinerary is chocka-block. We never intended it to be this way – and we’re not complaining. We have an extraordinary amount of events to be at and family and friends coming to stay, and it simply makes it rather more challenging to sit and write, and edit, and publish.

However … We’re aware a great many people read this blog. We also know a fair few have been, and continue to be, so inspired by our stories that it helps them make changes in their life. We had such a comment left on our last post (see in the comments at the end), which spurred us on with renewed energy and enthusiasm.  And we also know how much we love reflecting back on places we’ve been, people we’ve seen, and adventures we’ve had. We frequently dip back into our ‘NB Northern Pride‘ blog from 2009 to 2014, and suspect that in our dotage, we’ll be fondly remembering and reminiscing on all the amazing memories from these years of travel.

So dear reader, we’re doing the best we can to maintain our record, so please bear with us as we’re rather behind and we’ve a zillion things on that are reducing our capacity to post. What I’m going to start doing for a while is a paragraph at the end of each post, which tells you where we are in ‘real time’ (Barry keeps this up to date on The Home Brew Boat website too).

Another delightful journey on the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Skipton was a place we wanted to explore further than we did on our overnight stay in 2009.

We arrived on Friday 20th April, almost three weeks ago now, and managed to stretch our stay to three nights and days, experiencing a few marvels whilst there worthy of a couple of posts!

The journey to Skipton was spectacular, including a two-night stay in the countryside en route, sitting still for a day to catch up on many things on the ‘to action’ list, and relish the rare sunshine  …

Leaves are beginning to sprout all around – some sublime mooring spots here

Barry did a spot of walking while I drove – wonderful to take it in turns while I’m on board, no way was I sitting inside ‘working‘ while we’re going through such stunning scenery!

Blissful temperature and surroundings – exposing lots of skin for a rare vitamin D infusion! I love the effects Barry’s put on this shot. Peace. Tranquility. Bliss.

Bridges galore on this waterway – and each one has a white marker on it, which shows you where the centre is, to help you navigate more safely

Quaint terraced cottages line the route,  hugging the canal lovingly

The stone/bricks blend marvellously in with the fresh spring green and bright blue sky

Sometime during the journey this female pheasant wandered up to Barry unfazed

Surrounded by the Yorkshire Dales – what a beautiful part of the country

Whilst we adore these canal-side cottages, we’re far happier moving on our 60 foot long narrowboat and gazing at them admiringly instead!

… as we carry on to somewhere else

Wow! Just wow!

Old mill chimneys still a frequent feature of the landscape

Swing bridges and Silsden hire boats aplenty. Many of the hire boats are wide-beam – we think anyone who hires a wide-beam having never driven a narrowboat is extremely brave! Not for the feint-hearted …

Glorious colours at this time of year, it ALMOST makes up for the lengthy winter!

Passing Low Bradley


Amazing dry stone walls are everywhere.

And we arrive in Skipton at last!

Skipton trip boat out and about with lots of fascinated tourists on board – what a brilliant day for it

Springs Branch Leeds Liverpool Canal by Barry Teutenberg

Springs Branch at Skipton, which leads towards Skipton Castle

Where are we in real time?

Yesterday we did the 21 Wigan Locks (managing to descend before the heavens opened!), after a wonderful bank holiday weekend with our eldest grandson on board travelling from Withnell Fold to Haigh Hall Country Park (omg, the place is outstanding!). I’m off on trains today to Lichfield, then London tomorrow for a couple of days, with my three sisters for my eldest sister’s 60th birthday bash.

15 thoughts on “Farnhill to Skipton

  1. Just seen your boat in Parbold, just beyond us
    We’re around until Monday or so
    Could be we will miss you?

  2. Fabulous account Sandra and Barry, well worth the effort
    Enjoy your time off with the sisters (I’m one of three)

  3. Memories! Six of us picked up a narrowboat in Skipton in 1981 and I reckon it was from that yard in the photo! The women wanted to watch the royal wedding on a crappy portable tv on the boat, the men went to the pub…and it was on a colour tv there, with no one watching!

    • Hi Phil. That’s a great story!I loved watching that Royal wedding, brilliant that the boys got to see it in colour – and no mobile phones int hose days to call the women and let them know aye? 😉

      • Absolutely! They were somewhat miffed to learn that they could have come with us and seen it on a big screen. We had to set off at 7.30am to cruise to a place that had TV reception for them to watch it!! We also have fond memories of ‘Locky’ the lock keeper on the Bingley 5 rise racing around opening and closing paddles in a whirr and a blur!

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