Going nowhere once again due to the vagaries of the weather

We’re a few posts behind at the moment, our journey back from Sheffield and further on to Goole to be precise – mostly due to me being on land for ten days and Barry cruising further north towards the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Well he was …

My return ticket transports me to Leeds on Saturday 7th April. Our tentative plan had been if h Barry didn’t make it to Leeds in time, because he was determined to get to Goole, he’d wait for me in Wakefield. Mother Nature however, once again, decided to intervene and throw a spanner into the works.

Check out the video to see  Barry’s latest challenge (and if anyone knows the nearest station to his current location, which he’s unlikely to move from for a few days, from Leeds, do let me know!) …

As you can imagine, Barry’s determined detour to Goole has unfortunately turned out to be rather eventful, albeit I’m sure worthwhile – it’s definitely not advisable to venture onto the River Aire looking like it’s about to burst its banks! It’s one thing navigating a river on ‘orange’ and using caution, going anywhere near one whose level is above the indicator board is a completely different ball-game.

It’s going to be another interesting train journey ‘home’ for me in four days time unless by some miracle the water levels recede and Barry manages to make it to Wakefield.

Watch this space!

6 thoughts on “Going nowhere once again due to the vagaries of the weather

    Thanks. Still enjoying reading your stories.

    Graham & Coral Kinge

    • Hi Graham, lovely to hear from you and that you are enjoying our stories. I’ve taken the liberty of removing Denise’s email address from your comment (or she’ll get lots of junk mail!). I’ve sent her an invitation to follow the blog, she just needs to accept it 🙂

    • The pub was the best Phil, except that it had advertised on the waterside a quiz night Tuesdays and Thursdays and when he got there it was only Thursdays! So a little disappointed and only stayed for a pint 😉

  2. Hi Sandra, The nearest station to Ferrybridge is Knottingley, which is about 1.5km away. Trains from Leeds might involve a change in Wakefield.
    Good Luck!

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