Last day for Lichfield Calendar Club till October

It’s finally arrived. Our penultimate day trading here at The Three Spires Shopping Centre. We’ve had a busier week than expected since New Year’s Day which is a brilliant bonus. Barry had a day off on Thursday to move us to Branston, so we’re now heading in the direction we’ll be mindfully meandering during the coming weeks and months.

We’re SO looking forward to chilling a little without having to get up early every day. Though we’ll certainly miss the weekly bank deposit!

However, firstly tomorrow we have to scan and pack up all the remaining stock, dismantle all the fixtures and fittings, and pack everything up into pallets put the back to be collected by a truck at 8pm tomorrow evening. Luckily we have three fabulous folks coming to assist us. More on our experiences as Calendar Club Operators next week …

3 thoughts on “Last day for Lichfield Calendar Club till October

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