Brilliant service and memories of Brighton

After my Boxing Day flat tyre fright, I’m delighted to report the car is back on the road – for now. We were recommended by both Darren the breakdown man, and my sister, to call Shenstone Tyres (Trade Tyre Services Midlands Ltd), who they informed me would come out to replace the tyre. I called them on Wednesday lunchtime, and they arrived first thing Thursday morning. I’d left Barry to be available for the car (in case any technical talk was necessary!), and I went to the shop. He said they were absolutely brilliant. Replaced the tyre (as well as cleaning some rust off from around the rim which he said may’ve been preventing the tyre from sealing well), pumped up the spare, and only charged £48. We were expecting a lot more.

It meant I was able to drive to mum’s on Friday afternoon, and make sure she was okay. I also discovered she’s been awarded Attendance Allowance which is fabulous news. The necessary forms are onerous to say the least, and it’s six weeks since I sent them off, having taken a few weeks to gather all the required information to complete them. Her outgoings include five hot meals a week, a weekly cleaner, a 24/7 Telecare alarm, and other unmentionables I shan’t describe – all of which are rapidly draining her meagre savings. It’s understandably a relief to know her income will increase. And she now has carer’s coming in the evening, as well as morning, which is greatly reassuring.

Brighton memories to end the year

Just before we commenced our 14 week Calendar Club stint, at the end of September, we relished a break in Brighton for our UK wedding anniversary on 26th, and my 58th birthday on 28th. We strolled along the prom. Peered at David Gilmore’s pad (Barry is a huge Pink Floyd fan). Marvelled at the spectacular British Airways i360 Sunset ascent. And generally enjoyed each others company.

Here’s an overview for you from the master himself, a splendid overview of a colourful city …

Happy New Year to all

Thank you for being here and reading about our adventures aboard Areandare – and more so recently on land! This post is scheduled to be published at 11am on 31st December, GMT. At that time it will be (I think!) midnight in Aotearoa.

We’ll be with my two daughters, son-in-law and grandsons for New Year’s Eve and Day. Our second day off together since Saturday 1st October!

On Monday 8th January we pack up the Lichfield Calendar Club store and walk away – till, we hope, October 2018 when we’ll ‘pop-up’ again somewhere there to repeat the same process. More on our Calendar Club experience to come …

Back on board Areandare our life on the cut beckons us, with many exciting plans for 2018. However we’re also mindful that life can change in an instant. There’s been a few health challenges recently for people close to us, so we’re stepping into the New Year hoping for the best. Our itinerary is a moveable feast for now.

Happy New Year to each and every one of you – please keep in touch by whatever means you feel most comfortable with. We really love receiving your comments on the blog, email or Facebook. And we’re sure we’ll be meeting many lovely people in person next year too.

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