Christmas craziness with three weeks to go

One of my favourite sayings is the serenity ‘prayer’. You know the one that says “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change and courage to change those I can.“? Last week’s weather was one of those events over which we have no control. At this time of year it was disastrous for many retailers. For us we lost sales and so consequently commission.

There was one clever chap though who’s worth mentioning. He was on the corner a short distance from our Calendar Club store, selling sledges last Sunday. And I’m pretty certain he sold them all. Kids were revelling in the white stuff, being pulled around and spinning joyously. Barry discovered he’d bought a job lot some years ago, and been waiting for this rare opportunity to get them out to make his money back – and a nice profit for his Christmas budget to boot! Marvellous entrepreneurial inspiration. I love it!

Meanwhile, we’ve been blessed with the company of more fabulous friends. I met up as arranged with Helen from ‘Wild Side‘ on Thursday morning for coffee and a catch up. Not long after returning to the shop, we had a phone call from Fred, a friend from Sheffield. He was driving over to see us. Sadly I never even thought to take a photo! Barry and he went off on a jolly around Lichfield. Of course Barry took him to the famous Three Spires Cathedral – and told him the story of Bishop Selwyn and the New Zealand connection to Lichfield. Fascinating stuff …

On Saturday we had our gorgeous grandson overnight for a sleepover, while his mum went to her girlie Christmas party. We love having him on board, and the gang of local ducks near The Tame Otter thought he was rather fabulous too!

Last night we drove up to Ashbourne for a Sunday roast with Amanda and Jay. I worked with Amanda at The Royal Free in Hampstead in 2002/03. We haven’t seen each other for a few years. Wonderful. It was like we’d only been together the day before.


Today Barry’s moving Areandare from Hopwas to Alrewas, with the company of Tim. Another lovely friend who popped in to see us on Saturday with his partner Tracy and her daughter. So I’m manning the crazy Christmas shoppers alone …

This evening we’re off to the ‘Cathedral Illuminated’ to be mesmerised by a spectacular light show.

Oh yes! And in three weeks time we shall be in the process of shutting up shop! I’m sure there’s lots of fun to be had between now and then …

10 thoughts on “Christmas craziness with three weeks to go

  1. Happy New Year. I hope the snow and cold is abating as the days begin to lengthen. Love reading your blogs and hope to catch up with you in June/July.

    • Kia ora Jan. Days are definitely lengthening, though the cold remains stalwart! And snow forecast this week I’m told … We’re so looking forward to seeing you in June/July 🙂

  2. Love reading your blogs. 😊 have a fabulous Christmas and enjoy your lie ins once the shop closes. Wow, you guys have worked so hard. Hope to catch up with you at some point in the new year, we’ll keep track of where you are and about sometime! It’s my 50th this year so written in stone that celebrations are necessary! Lol. Love to you and Barry. Xxx

    • Ah bless, thanks Nicky makes it all worthwhile to get feedback like that. Much appreciated. Can’t wait to just chill again, will soooo appreciate it.
      Would be amazing to see you both. Nifty fifty aye? Definitely come and see us to celebrate, would be awesome. You two have a fab festive season. Do you have your boat yet? Xx

  3. I hope Barry took some snow photos! His photos are always so spectacular that snowy ones would be awesome, as we say in Gizzy! Have a wonderful festive season and enjoy some relaxation. x

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