A few plan changes …

You know what they say about the best laid plans? Well we’ve had to adapt and delay opening our shop.

But only until tomorrow!

We had 191 boxes of stock to check and put away yesterday. Barry and I. With Mathew for a few hours.

Unsurprisingly it didn’t all get done, and we were given a day’s reprieve.

Barry was collected by Pete at 7.30am this morning, for his day out to London and the Pink Floyd exhibition. Meanwhile I headed into Lichfield.

The other plan change

Apart from a delayed opening, we’ve also had to have the store content re-designed as the interior is smaller than expected. A lovely lady at Calendar Club HQ called and talked me through the new plans. I have to say the support so far has been fabulous.

This evening I left the store in a much better shape than last night. There’s still a lot to sort, but it’s organised sufficiently to be open at 9am tomorrow.

I was enthused and encouraged by the number of people peeking through the front windows today, eager to come and browse. One gentleman even pointed to the calendar he’s after, as it’s on one of the window displays.

I love how people return annually to this brilliant brand. So too do store operators. It’s very special …



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