Twists turns and tumbles

Dear blog reader. Life has recently thrown me a few curved balls to contend with, meaning my writing mojo for 'adventures aboard NB Areandare' has temporarily dwindled dramatically.

I believe it will return. Soon. I hope!

For now, this is just to reassure you Barry and I are well, albeit in the process of investigating where, when and why my joie de vivre chose to take an extended vacation.

There's much to tell since last I wrote. Rest assured you'll hear about aspects of it in the not too distant future. I shan't bore you with too many details from the unravelling of recent twists and turns, culminating in a life-changing tumble! I'll work on a shortened overview …

In the words of Mr Schwarzenegger "I'll be back!"

11 thoughts on “Twists turns and tumbles

    • Thanks both, I guess it takes as long as it takes, better to acknowledge challenges and face up to working through them than pretend life is hunky dory. Otherwise they just creep up and bite you on the bum! Hope you’re both well and happy xx

  1. Take your time! Having an accident can shake up everything—a hard time to get through—you may be sad and upset. Sending love and hugs xoxoxo

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