Big days from Birmingham to Burton Floating Market 

We had our seven-year-old grandson for a sleep-over while in Birmingham last weekend. I’d taken the train to Shrewsbury on Saturday to meet him and Lisa and bring him back – and the opposite on the Sunday.

We walked to the ThinkTank Science Museum in the afternoon and had tremendous fun in their Science Garden – and it’s free from 3pm to 5pm daily. They even had a model canal lock to play with.

Barry displayed his cards on Saturday, but sadly had no takers – so we had a rest day on Sunday and moved to Sherborne Wharf. Moored near the Cube and Mailbox was rather noisier than normal.

Birmingham to Burton

If you’re driving from Birmingham to Burton-on-Trent, you’d be looking at around 45 minutes.

Hop on a train and it’ll speed you along in 30.

The Home Brew Boat

About to descend Farmers Bridge Locks

By narrowboat however (especially as the Aston Lock Flight was closed for repairs, adding a short time on), we left on Monday afternoon and arrived Thursday morning! The time to travel by canal is about 21 hours – and 50 locks!

Actually that’s a slight fib …

It’s 48 to Burton, but we had to go to the next lock to get to a ‘winding’ hole to turn around and come back up again, so we’re facing the right way to trade this weekend.

While it may sound awful for a short journey distance-wise to take so long, it’s actually extremely pleasant and very good for the soul.

We’re now moored up at Shobnall Fields, on the Trent and Mersey Canal, getting set up ready for the Burton-on-Trent Roving Canal Traders Floating Market this weekend – along with another 14 boaters running their own businesses …

RCTA Burton Floating Market

Friday afternoon and most of the traders are moored up

There’s an amazing 15 boats and 17 traders here this weekend – so many different, quirky, and quality products for sale:

  1. Crafts from Morgana
  2. Crafty Cruising Co
  3. D and D Woodcrafts
  4. The Doggie Boat
  5. Dutiful Duck Crafts – (canal ware, folk art, boat women’s bonnets )
  6. Eyecatchers – (Ecover & Hand Knitted Goods)
  7. Felafel Afloat
  8. Funtastic Facepainting by Sandra
  9. Grand Rosettes
  10. The Hippie Boat
  11. The Home Brew Boat
  12.  Make it Ship Shape
  13.  Mugs Afloat
  14. Roger Whitham – Artist – (Painting & Crafts)
  15. Sean’s Model Narrowboats
  16. Why Not Boat
  17. Wendy B’s Floating Art Gallery

If you’re interested in checking out other Roving Canal Traders Association Floating Traders, check them out here –

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